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   [IMAGE] [IMAGE] Welcome to Windstar Wildlife Institute...your first
   stop on the Internet for learning how to attract wildlife to your
   property! Please Sign In and tell us about yourself.
   Visit this Baby Raccoon and 75 other wildlife species in the Wildlife
   Photo Gallery. Inexpensive Poster Prints Available! [IMAGE] Birds Can
   Plant Their Own Food
   Since birds don't digest seeds, you can have the birds plant your
   bird food for you. It's easy. Put up two poles. Stretch a wire between
   the poles. Till under the wire. The birds will perch on the wire and
   deposit the seeds from their favorite plants right where you want them
   to grow.   [IMAGE] This month's winner is Jack Lewnes of Port
   Republic, Maryland Do you have a special way to attract wildlife to
   your property? Send us your best tip and youíll have a chance to win a
   beautiful, WindStar Red Cedar Thistle Feeder. Your tip can be for any
   size property, from an apartment balcony to a large backyard to a
   large farm or ranch. Winners names will appear on WindStarís Home Page
   the last day of the month. [IMAGE] Pheasants Need 9 Lives To Survive
   A Simple, But Good, Feeder
   Windstar Office Wins Award
   Volunteers Wanted
   Butterflies Do Have Brains   [IMAGE]
   [IMAGE] Twenty-eight Maryland residents are taking part in the Master
   Naturalist pilot program. After fine tuning the curriculum, the
   program is now ready to roll-out to other states as funding becomes
   WindStar selects
   @griculture Online
   as Web Site of the Month.
   Visit WindStar's CEO where he hosts Wildlife Forum and writes monthly
   features for farmers and ranchers. [IMAGE] 
   [IMAGE] Learn how to determine which bluebird nesting box is best from
   this checklist.
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