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Henry A. Wallace Institute for Alternative Agriculture


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Title: Henry A. Wallace Institute for Alternative Agriculture
9200 Edmonston Road, Suite 117
Greenbelt, Maryland 20770-1551
Capitol Hill Office:
517 C Street NE
Washington, D.C. 20002-5809

A Catalyst for Progress

The Henry A. Wallace Institute for Alternative Agriculture, Inc., is a nonprofit, tax-exempt, membership research and education organization established in 1983 to encourage and facilitate the adoption of low-cost, resource-conserving, environmentally sound, and economically viable farming systems.

Throughout the evolution of the alternative agriculture movement, the Wallace Institute's fundamental goal has remained constant: to ensure that farm production gains not only are efficient and equitable, but also maintain the soil, water, and air on which farming -- and all human life -- depend.

The Wallace Institute advances this goal by providing the leadership, and policy research and analysis necessary to influence national agricultural policy. It is a contributing member of a growing national alternative agriculture network, and works directly with government agencies, educational and research institutions, producer groups, farmers, scientists, advocates, and other organizations that provide agricultural research, education, and information services.

The Wallace Institute maintains a small professional staff and is governed by a grassroots Board of Directors which includes farmers, scientists, educators, and policy analysts.

Its various advisory groups include prominent practitioners, scholars, and scientists. It is supported by memberships, donations, and grants from individuals, foundations, and corporations.

The Wallace Institute's Agenda:
Leadership, Policy Research, and Information

Serving as a voice for alternative agriculture in Washington, the Henry A. Wallace Institute for Alternative Agriculture works to meet the needs of the sustainable agriculture movement by providing strong leadership, sound policy research, and reliable information.

The Institute's programs include:
Policy Studies Program
Agriculture Policy Project
Ward Sinclair Memorial Internship Program
Educational Outreach

The Institute's publications include:
Alternative Agriculture News
American Journal of Alternative Agriculture
Policy Studies Program Reports
Occasional Papers
Annual Report
Henry A. Wallace Annual Lecture

For more help or information about the Henry A. Wallace Insititute for Alternative Agriculture, contact us at: hawiaa@access.digex.net.

Last updated on 15 August 1997.

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