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Is this Dominic Lamb?

Dear Adam, I'm an architect working in Italy on a competition project
called "Architecture and the eradication of poverty. This competition is
for the UN program of "poverty eradication in the world": 1996-2006 etc.
etc. Last competition of this kind I made was in Verona Italy, a
self-maintained sun farm: "The Sun and Habitat". It won the first prize.
For several reason of social and natural kind, this time I'm planning to
make this competition as a realizable project in Cuba. Dead line is the
16th Feb. 98 so not much time leafed. I'm in contact with Cuban authorities
in Italy to find an ideal site. It must be about 1000mt.X1000mt., sunny and
slightly windy for energy rotors. The sun farm is based on groups of 1000
units for human habitat, (med. 2500 inhabitants) self-energy producing
(sun, wind and biogas), self-maintained for food, self-maintained for jobs
of floriculture, so on. This project might have some affinity with your
experiences in Cuba, if gets credits to be continued, our paths might meet
positively. Please advise if you have any interest on this kind of
programs. Please advise if you know a part of Cuba, being optimal for this
kind of projects. If you send fax number I will fax the old sun farm
project to show what I mean. Please advise asap. Please excuse my rush!.