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Contact for free link exchange (fwd)

     Support your local organic market farmer, buy products bearing the
 BuyGreen and Sustainably Grown (natural, ecological & biointensive) labels
        http://sunSITE.unc.edu/InterGarden    london@sunSITE.unc.edu

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Date: Sat, 06 Dec 1997 16:17:24 +0000
From: Andrea Buralli <pdv@italway.it>
To: london@sunsite.unc.edu
Subject: Contact for free link exchange

New website dedicated to organic agriculture in Italy. Farms, servicies,
books, markets, appointments in Italy and around the world. Free access
and free agreement for all the farms. At the moment the web site is only
in italian language; soon english version. If it's possible we want to
excange banner link with you.
We can prepare web pages in italian language for foreign operators.
More than 150 farms in our database, productors, transformers,
distributors, shops, servicies,...
More than 2500 products for the research.
We are also interessed on news, experiments, trends and so on...about
organic agriculture.

If you want to put our banner into your website, this is the tag to use:

<A HREF="http://www.agricolturabiologica.com/home.html"><IMG
WIDTH=602 HEIGHT=64 BORDER=0 ALT="www.agricolturabiologica.com"></A><P>

Thank you.

Excuse for our english, we hope to have some contact with you.

Andrea Buralli 
Stefano Morganti

Punti di Vista s.a.s. via G. Matteotti, 91 - 51018 Pieve a Nievole (PT)
Tel. e Fax 0039 572 95.11.34

Our address is: www.agricolturabiologica.com - E Mail:
Webmaster E Mail pdv@italway.it