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Title: PANNA Home

PAN North America Regional Center (PANNA)

News - read the latest pesticides and sustainable agriculture news from PANUPS and PANUPS Resource Pointers, our weekly online news services. New Report: Rising Toxic Tide: Pesticide Use in California 1991-1995.

Information - find environmental, health and other information about pesticides, ecological pest control and sustainable agriculture. Explore the PESTIS database.

Campaigns - learn about PANNA's activities related to:
Methyl bromide phaseout
Sustainable cotton production
Children and pesticides
The Dirty Dozen pesticides
The World Bank
Californians for Pesticide Reform

Networking and links - explore PANNA's links to web sites about sustainable agriculture, pesticides, biotechnology, cotton, methyl bromide, activist organizations and more.

Learn more about PANNA - read our 1996 Annual Report online or contact us with questions or comments. Sign up to receive a complementary copy of the Global Pesticide Campaigner, our quarterly periodical.

Pesticide Action Network North America (PANNA), 116 New Montgomery, #810, San Francisco, CA 94105; phone (415) 541-9140; fax (415) 541-9253; email panna@panna.org

PANNA is a member of Earthshare.