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Permaculture The Earth


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Title: Permaculture The Earth


"Permaculture is the art and science that applies patterns found in nature to the design and construction of human and natural environments. Only by applying such patterns and principles to the built environment can we truly achieve a sustainable living system. Permaculture principles are now being adapted to all systems and disciplines that human settlement requires. Architects, planners, farmers, economists, social scientists, as well as students, homeowners and backyard gardeners can utilize the principles of Permaculture Design."
Larry Santoyo

Scientific research has discovered that biological stability is achieved through biological diversity, yet no single organism can be identified as being responsible for that stability. Permaculture research reveals that this stability is achieved only through a complex network of connections..."functional connections" between elements in the total system. The more functional connections a system has, the more sustainable it becomes.

Modeling this concept of functional connections is the basis of Permaculture Design. These web pages will provide the functional connections that link people to people and people to information. Our "forums" are interactive and help serve the growing interest in Permaculture Design and all its applications. New information is added regularly so stop back often and browse.

If this is your first visit here, we invite you to explore. To obtain more information about what permaculture is, you may want to read some of the definitions we've compiled along with articles pertaining to permaculture design.

In addition to information, this site also has many links to useful sites on the internet and, in association with Amazon.com, a great bookstore where you'll find books about permaculture, gardening, architecture, design, drafting, life, food, sustainable agriculture, and other important stuff.

To participate in conversation with the permaculture community, please visit our forums. There you can share information, ask questions and meet others interested in permaculture.

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