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Organic Fertilizer "New Mexico Humate" www.humate.com (fwd)

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We would like to introduce our company to you.&nbsp; Our name is U-Mate
International located in Scottsdale Arizona.&nbsp; Our website can be found
at www.humate.com we are
<BR>producers of organic materials for farming and gardening.

<P>Thank you

<P>Dennis Jones
<BR>U-Mate International</HTML>
Title: U-Mate International, Inc.

Welcome to U-Mate International, Inc.
Supplier of humate products and organic fertilizer for better plant growth,soil conditioning and organic gardening.

U-Mate International, Inc.
P.O. Box 4131, Scottsdale, Arizona 85261
Voice / Fax: (602) 948-5420



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