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Welcome to the Organic Networks Internet Service



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The Business Channel- commodity trading, market information, consultancy and much more besides...


Are you looking for your nearest organic outlet?

Organic Networks brings organics within the reach of business, farming and consumer interests alike.

We are a dynamic internet-based company delivering information, goods and services to our customers and clients worldwide. The Organic Networks web-site consists of a Shopping Channel, Business Channel and Directory, all designed to be easy to use, quick to download and browser-friendly.

The site is also run with help from "The Bureau" at UUNET UK to ensure that your credit card transactions and private password are processed in a safe and secure environment.

Managing Director and Founder Matthew Bell MA. (Hons) identified the opportunity and need to bring a new commercial realism to the organic sector world-wide forming Organic Networks as a result in 1997. Organic Networks is a UK based independent business organisation with the clear aim of delivering a top quality service to clients and customers.


Organic Networks has received endorsement from Kenneth Clarke Q.C. MP. (Former Chancellor of the Exchequer) and Jack Cunningham, UK Minister of Agriculture.


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