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From: "Frank J. Regan" <astrox@frontiernet.net>
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Subject: Re: ** Natural Philosophy Site **
Date: 22 Jan 1998 18:40:28 GMT
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I will soon link this interesting site to Green Solitaire at
Frank J. Regan
Baobab Computing wrote in message <34C2B19D.96CC1C18@baobabcomputing.com>...
>Greetings Everyone--
>How to explain the inexplicable?
>I have a web page devoted to natural philosophy and philosophers and our
>connection to the natural world.  It contains a large list of full texts
>of natural philosophy books (by everyone from John Muir to Lao Tzu to
>William Calvin), interviews with eco-thinkers (Thomas Berry to Fritjof
>Capra), and many essays about our relationship about nature.  I must
>admit it is one of the most comprehensive list of such links I've seen
>anywhere on the Internet.  (As a "bonus", there's also links to info
>about corporate domination of our culture and politics...)
>The address is http://baobabcomputing.com/all/links.htm .
>Thanks, Tim
>[By popular demand, this is a repost of my message from a month ago...]