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Date: Mon, 2 Feb 1998 13:02:59 -0500
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WANTED: Acreage to establish a teaching community focussing on
Biodynamic Agriculture. Long growing season,pure and plentiful water, and
privacy. Northern California, Utah, New Mexico or Arizona. Reply to: Aurora
Farm, Box 697, Porthill, Idaho. 83853. (250) 428-4404

SITUATION WANTED: Long time organic grower with experience in BD growing
inside and outside greenhouse, livestock experience, niche marketer, high
level of technical skills, is seeking long term position as lead farmer for
CSA or estate farmer/manager. Most places in the USA or abroad will be
considered. Please call Maarten Samsom at (802) 878-0243.

AVAILABLE NOW: Biodynamically grown seeds of herbs, flowers and vegetables
and Echinacea tincture. Catalog $3. Aurora Farm, Box 697, Porthill, Idaho.83853
(250) 428-4404


Classified Ads pertaining to ecological agriculture situations vacant or
situations wanted, announcements of ecological ag-related events, or
organic ag-related materials for sale (such as stock, seeds or amendments)
will be listed for free in BIODYNAMICS: Farming and Gardening in the 21st
century (the journal of the Biodynamic Association of North America) and
via this email list. Ads will be accepted on a first come basis as space
allows, with the stipulation that ads placed by members of the BDA will
receive priority inclusion, followed by ads which have explicit BD content.
Submit ads to biodynamics@biodynamics.com. If you have questions, please
contact me directly at the same address: Allan Balliett


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