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Mycorrhiza (fwd)

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Date: Wed, 18 Feb 1998 05:24:18 -0800
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Subject: Mycorrhiza
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                       Welcome to the Mycorrhizae World

Economic and environmental considerations are restricting the use of 
chemical fertilizers due to high energy and production costs, and soil-
and water-polluting effects. On the other hand, mycorrhizae is the
bio-fertilizer which is produced with little energy =E1and no polluting
efffect, and can play a key role in future as a substitute to chemical
fertilizers. Non-fertile lands, wastelands and degraded lands can be
vegetated by using Mycorrhizae. 

What are mycorrhiza?  
More than 95% of the plants are dependent on a
specialized group of fungi to aid in their growth and survival. These
are called mycorrhizal fungi, and they essentially act like extensions of
the root system, living in (and sometimes around) the root tips and then
extending out into the soil. 

Mycorrhizal fungi help in improving nutrient =E1and water
uptake, and protecting from environmental stresses such as drought, salt
and heavy metals. 

Why Mycorrhiza research?  
Because these mycorrhizae are so important to
plants, and eco-friendly too, scientists must explore ways of using
mycorrhizal fungi to improve the growth and health of agricultural crops
or trees in forest plantations and ultimately towards conserving the

Why Mycorrhiza Network?  
To start, further or improve any research, one of
the basic requirement is information. Mycorrhiza happens to be =E1a highly
specific area of research.  Moreover information in this field is widely
scattered and communication among the mycorrhizasts is also required. 
Mycorrhiza network is the answer to meet some of these requirements
Please visit our Mycorrhiza Network and Mycorrhiza Research site, 
currently under TERI Homepage.  Eco-friendly agriculture is only a
click away ...
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