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New discussion group (fwd)

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Date: Tue, 24 Feb 1998 10:56:29 +100
From: Nadace FOA <foa@ecn.cz>
To: sanet-mg@shasta.ces.ncsu.edu
Cc: bvanelzakker@agroeco.nl, gerwinv@worldonline.nl, info@krav.se,
    srosenow@compuserve.com, merunka@pef.vsz.cz, dam_mila@ius.prf.cuni.cz,
    nofanj@igc.apc.org, josef.dlouhy@vo.slu.se, fruhwald@mail.dat
Subject: New discussion group

I apologize for reposting.  It seems I sent this message 
to only part of the SANET mail group.

We have just established an e-mail network for the discussion of
ecological agriculture in Central and Eastern Europe.  

We hope to stimulate an interchange among academics, 
researchers, farmers, traders and others working in the field of
ecological (organic/biological) agriculture in the countries of
Central and Eastern Europe.  We will provide a forum for discussion of
topics such as development of the organic market, cross- border trade,
lobbying, working with the EU, development of joint projects,
research, technical questions about organic farming, as well as
announcements on exhibitions, courses, conferences and new

The mailbase lists can be accessed via e-mail, or on the web via

To join the list, send a message to mailbase@mailbase.ac.uk with the
following message only in the body of the text.

join ecol-agric-cee firstname lastname

thus I would write:

join ecol-agric-cee Kirsten Szykitka

Then if you wish to send a message to the all of the members of the
list, you send it to:


When you join, you will receive from mailbase a user-guide with
further details.
Please join in the discussions.  We're looking for your support and
ideas for working together to develop organic agriculture in this

Kirsten Szykitka

Foundation for Organic Agriculture
Kubatova 1/32
102 00 Praha 10
Czech Republic
e-mail:  foa@ecn.cz
tel/fax: (420) 271 75 1213

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