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URLs: citing Internet resources (fwd)

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Date: Sat, 1 Mar 1998 22:43:00 -0500
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Subject: URLs:  citing Internet resources

Howdy, all--

I'm cross-posting this to four ag/sustainable ag list servers; my
apologies if you receive it more than once.

Homerville, OH, dairy grazier F.W. Owen posted a query recently to
GRAZE-L regarding how to cite Internet resources in scholarly works.
GRAZE-L administrator Noel Bridgeman pointed out that there are many
different standards for citation.  I write to offer some on-line

Two widely recognized scholarly style setters are the Modern
Language Association (MLA, for the humanities/language arts) and the
American Psychological Assocation (APA, for the social sciences).
There are Web-based style guidelines available for both.

The Modern Language Association's guidelines for citing Internet
resources appear here:


The American Psychological Association has not yet published
official Internet style guidelines, but a member of the English
department at the University of South Florida has developed an
APA-guided Internet style sheet:


She offers a link to a formal proposal for APA to extend its style:


These two sources seemed to my eye to be the most comprehensive and
trustworthy of the 1,300-plus that surfaced in my searches.  Which
means there are no doubt more.   :^)    In short, though, whichever
style guidelines you choose, consistency is the most important.

A few other nifty resources?

Here is a cool set of Internet citation *and* copyright resources, 
from the Texas Education Network:


My personal favorite scholarly publishing stylists--at the University
of Chicago Press (publishers of the Chicago Manual of Style, who
promise Internet guidelines "in their next edition")--offer a list of
e-citation resources at the bottom of this page:


Those of you with kids can expect to field more questions on this
stuff as term paper season rolls around.   

Finally, especially pertinent for recent discussions on GRAZE-L
about information overload, I offer this article from /APA Monitor/ on
the psychological effects of "information overload":


It's a bit...trendy and jittery--I got this impression of
psychologists making us aware of something so that they can help
save us from it.  But you might enjoy it.  Warning:  nowhere does it
mention consuming extra-dark Swiss chocolate as a coping mechanism. I
have no empirical evidence that does anything for one's data-sifting-
and-absorption capacities, as many of my Silicon Valley/Web Gulch
friends swear.  But this is one therapy I'm not about to argue with.


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