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CORNELL Composting

Title: CORNELL Composting

Science &
in Schools

Welcome to . . .
CORNELL Composting

This website provides access to a variety of composting educational materials and programs developed at Cornell University.

Everything you ever wanted to know about composting, but were afraid to ask?

Not quite, but we do hope we've assembled some useful information.

The Cornell Composting Website was developed by Tom Richard, Nancy Trautmann, Marianne Krasny, Sue Fredenburg and Chris Stuart.

All material is protected by Section 107 of the 1976 copyright law. Copyright © is held by Cornell University. If you intend to use this material, please acknowledge its author and source.

Science and Engineering

This section outlines the basic science and engineering principles involved in the composting process. There are a number of calculations and experiments you can try out on your own.

Composting in Schools

A special section for students and teachers using composing in the classroom. Don't miss the section on "weird and unusual composting."

Composting Resources

An annotated listing of written and audio visual publications, with prices and ordering information. Many slides and illustrations are also provided, so if you have a slow connection you may want to turn off automatic image loading.

Composting Contacts

Please direct all general inquiries to one of the resources on this list.

For general questions about composting, please browse this and other composting websites, or make use of the compost listserves.

For specific comments related to this page, please contact: Sue Fredenburg (format and style), or Tom Richard, (technical content).

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This page was created on August 29, 1995
This page was last updated on February 4, 1998

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