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Angelic Organics (from the Chicago-area) has been very helpful in distributing information about starting and operating a CSA and about
developing productive relationships with interns.

Aurora Farms - Biodynamic training, seeds, and products (British Columbia)

Biodynamik/Bio Dynamics - the Waldorf page world-wide BD jumplist

Cafe Altura - Biodynamic Coffee

Flowers by the Sea is an biodynamic market garden in Elk, located on the Pacific Ocean approximately 150 miles north of San Francisco in
temperate Northern California.

           At Fragrant Farms (New Harmony, Indiana), Mark Trela is raising peonies and other cut flowers biodynamically in raised
           beds with BD compost and all the preps! (It may surprise you to know how many of the 'fresh flowers' at your local florist's
           were cut months ago in some distant part of the globe. Mark's fresh cut flowers, as well as his dried flower arrangments, are
           not only radiantly healthy, but they also contain no chemicals, neither from production nor preservation. Fragrant Farm's
           peony selection is offered here.)

           Robinvale Winery - Robinvale Wines is a family owned produce of quality wines and non-alcoholic grape beverages. The
family, George & Julie Caractsanoudis and their sons Steve and Bill and families, operate a 20 ha vineyard at Robinvale, 470km north west of
Melbourne on the Murray River. The winery is fully equipped and includes bottling facilities and cellar door sales, and has a newsletter and mail
order service Australia Wide.

Seeking Common Ground CSA - (Rochester, NY area) Woody Wodraska's newest garden

Troy Bogdan's Organic Farm - A good list of other sustainable/organic links

Walton Orchards & CSA -the only certified organic farm by the Demeter Association, Inc. in the state of Michigan. And we expect to be
certified biodynamic sometime in 1997. In addition, all our vegetables are grown from non-hybridized seeds through seed saver programs.

Evergreen Elm's Biodynamic Master Gardener L.A. Rotheraine and Blue Ribbon Winning Vegetables

                               JPI NEEDS YOUR HELP!!!
                              (and your DANDELIONS!)

BDFGAA Member Suggested Links

Dr. Shigo's Tree Page - submitted by John A. Keslick Jr.---Tree Anatomist & Tree Biologist.