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new web site (fwd)

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Subject: new web site
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Fertilization in organic farming,
findings and conclusions of a project presented in the internet.

Scientists of seven institutes in five European countries co-operated in a
project to which financial support was provided by the European Commission.
The objectives of the project were to evaluate long-term field trials on
fertilization in organic farming (carried out in Germany, Sweden and
Switzerland) and to elaborate recommendations based on these trials and other
investigations. A summary of the results and the recommendations of this
project now are presented under the address


The presentation is not only for your information but also for collecting
feedback. Everybody of you is asked to give comments, suggestions and
supplements that will be considered for the final report of this project. Your
responses can be sent by e-mail (Raupp@aol.com) or fax (+49  6155 842125) to
the project coordinator.

Four workshops were held for the project from which proceedings are available.
Their tables of contents are also shown in the web pages. Orders of free
copies of the proceedings can be sent to the above e-mail address or fax no.

Looking forward to your responses
Joachim Raupp
Institute for Biodynamic Research, Darmstadt, GERMANY