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Fwd: Natural Products Retailing (fwd)

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Subject: Fwd: Natural Products Retailing

>From: slichtenstein@grocerynetwork.com
>Date: Fri, 15 May 98 08:55:13 EST
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>Subject: Natural Products Retailing
>Natural Products Retailing - A Progressive Grocer Exclusive!
>The sales  of natural and organic products within mainsteam supermarkets
are booming! 
>In March, Progressive Grocer Magazine began it's coverage of natural
products within 
>supermarkets with a special Sector Report called "Natural Products
Retailing". As a 
>bonus to our advertisers, the March issue was distributed at the Natural
Products Expo 
>in Anaheim. The effort was a huge success. 
>Progressive Grocer will continue our coverage of natural products with a
Second Sector 
>Report in our September issue, with bonus distribution at the Natural
Products Expo 
>East in Baltimore.
>If you want to increase the sales of  your product line to main stream
chain and 
>independent supermarkets, you should plan on advertising within PG's
>issue.  Progressive Grocer offers a circulation of over 60,000,
identifying every buying 
>influence at chain headquarters and store management.
>Please e-mail me at slichtenstein@grocerynetwork.com if interested, or
contact me 
>directly by phone at  203-662-4260. We'll then send you additional
information on 
>Natural Products Retailing.
>Steven Lichtenstein
>V.P./Publisher - Progressive Grocer Magazine
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