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Title: MakeList! FREE E-Mail List Hosting and Archiving
MakeList! E-Mail Lists
for Everyone
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Start Your Own E-Mail List

FindMail makes it easy for you to start your own e-mail list--whether it is a private discussion list for your friends, a 2,000-member list for an interest group, or an announcement list that you use to send news to people who have chosen to be on your list.

It's Easy to Use

FindMail provides you with an easy-to-use Web-based list management system. Using MakeList!, you do not have to worry about installing software, keeping a list server running, and dealing with bouncing messages.
You will be able to add a form to your Web site that allows people to enter their e-mail addresses and subscribe to your list directly from the Web.

   It's Reliable and Secure

FindMail employs a uniquely scalable architecture and high-end network operations to provide the best service possible. We currently deliver 95% of all messages in 50 seconds or less!

MakeList! also deals with bouncing messages and verifies subscribers' e-mail addresses such that no third party can forge subscriptions.

It's Free!

Best of all, it's completely free thanks to the sponsors of our Web site and the users of our premium services.

   No Advertising Messages

FindMail does not send separate advertising messages to the lists that it hosts. Sponsor insertions, if any, are kept discreet and are clearly delineated as such.

Start a mailing list now!

Anti-Spam Policy: We were first to introduce a privacy-protected e-mail list archive, and we continue to spearhead strict privacy and anti-spam policies. If interested, read our statement of integrity for more details.

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