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David Buchner's Home Page


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Title: David Buchner's Home Page

Hi. I'm building an underground house this summer. I'm using this web space to let people far away see it.

We got our posts delivered last week, so things have started moving (at last) toward building our house. They're really amazing hunks of wood: 10 to 14 foot long, 6" by 8", cedar, with all these amazing different colors of swirly grain and worm holes and rounded corners in places where the logs were skinnier. I'm excited.

update 5/28: We painted some icky stuff ("creo-nap") on the bottom 18" or so of the posts where they'll go in the ground, to help prevent eventual decay. It's some sort of nasty black toxic pesticide crap, but we figured it'll be under the plastic and gravel, under the floor, under the varnish, so it was a tradeoff we could live with for a little extra peace of mind. After all, we're never going to see the bottoms of these posts again so we'll only be able to speculate what's going on down there. Stephanie will be done teaching after this week, so then building begins in earnest. Ya-hoo.

I moved the house plans to an archive ("Progress," at right). I will put pictures of our progress here on the front page as soon as there is some (progress), and we take them and I get around to it.

Here's one of the excavation for where the house will go. You can kind of see that we're atop a Big Hill.

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