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Permaculture Resources

Permaculture Resources in the United States
Other Permaculture Resources
Global Directory

Books & Proceedings on Agroforestry
Manuals, Primers, and Syllabi on Permaculture
On-Line Articles, Fact Sheets, & Proceedings on Permaculture
Permaculture Online in North America

Permaculture Online in Australia
Permaculture Online in the United Kingdom
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Permaculture Resources in the United States

The Permaculture Activist, Box 1209 Black Mountain, NC 28711 (704) 298-2812 Editor: Peter Bane Cost: $19, quarterly http:// The Permaculture Activist is the leading periodical for North American permaculture. It publishes articles on permaculture, edible landscaping, bioregionalism, aquaculture, etc, and provides a current listing of upcoming permaculture design courses. It serves as an important networking tool in the U.S., Canada, and Central America. Back issues are available.

Yankee Permaculture, Elfin Permaculture, and Forest Ecosystem Rescue Network (FERN) P.O. Box 52 Sparr, FL 32192 Editor: Dan Hemenway Email: YankeePerm@aol.com, and Elfpermact@aol.com Cost: $27.50 for four issues http://csf.colorado.edu/perma/ypc_catalog.html Yankee permaculture carries a number of publications on permaculture specific to North America. Past issues of Dan Hemenway's publications are still used in permaculture courses and as reference guides. A complete listing of articles, information sheets, and publications is available at the website listed above. The Resources of International Permaculture - TRIP. Volume 5 of TRIP, published in 1993, is a 68-page issue that contains 1,540 listings of groups working in permaculture, sustainable food systems, and tree-based agriculture. Current up-to-date listings are available on diskette. The International Permaculture Solutions Journal (TIPS) and Permaculture Review, Overview and Digest (PROD) are published on a sporadical basis. TIPS and PROD feature permaculture articles, book reviews, and resources. The International Permaculture Species Yearbook (TIPSY). Prior to TIPS, Yankee Permaculture put out a fantastic yearbook called TIPSY. The TIPSY series is a goldmine featuring plant species lists, articles, and resource listings. Robin newsletter is a publication of FERN that deals with forest issues.

Friends of the Trees P. O. Box 4469 Bellingham, WA 98227 (360) 738-4972 (360) 671-9668 Fax Editor: Michael Pilarski http://www.geocities.com/RainForest/4663/ Restoration Forestry: An International Guide to Sustainable Forestry Practices (1994) is a 525-page guide to resources in restoration forestry. It contains over 50 review articles, 780 organizations, 230 journals and periodicals, 800 books, 100 restoration forestry projects underway, and 100 directories on topics relating to Restoration forestry, forest ecology, tree seedlings, bioregionalism, and permaculture. It is a massive addition to tree-based agricultural literature. Cost is $27, plus $4 postage & handling. Agroforestry Guide to Hawaii: A Resource Guide Directory to Reforestation, Restoration, Forestry, Agroforestry, Permaculture & Sustainable Agriculture in the Hawaiian Islands (1997) is a 187-page directory with over 800 references. Cost is $22, plus $3.30 postage & handling. Available from Friends of the Trees

Other publications from Friends of the Trees include:
The International Green Front Report (1988, $7.00)
Kiwifruit Enthusiasts Journal (Vol. 6, $17.20)
Third World Resource Guide (1993, $5.00)
Travelers Earth Repair Network (TERN) is a database maintained by Friends of the Trees containing over 2,500 permaculture contacts in 100-plus countries. The aim is to link travelers with individuals and organizations involved in sustainable agriculture, forestry, permaculture, and ecological restoration. The fee to access the TERN database is $50. Hosts are listed free of charge.

Permaculture Drylands Journal/ Permaculture Drylands Institute P.O. Box 156 Santa Fe, NM 87504-0156 (505) 983-0663 Cost: $25, 3 issues per year http://members.aol.com/pdrylands/PDIhome1.htm Permaculture Drylands Journal (formerly Sustainable Living in Drylands) is published in April, August, and December by the Permaculture Drylands Education and Research Institute. It focuses on permaculture concepts and designs for arid lands, with a heavy focus on New Mexico and Arizona. PDJ has published articles on straw bale buildings, solar box cookers, dryland farming, and many other topics of interest; back issues are available. PDI offers a regular series of Permaculture Design Courses.

Dry Country News Box 23-J Radium Springs, NM 88054 Cost: $10, 4 issues per year http://www.zianet.com/drynews/ Dry Country News is devoted to Earth-based, low- impact living in the American Southwest. Whether you call it homesteading, permaculture, or sustainable living, Dry Country News is packed with information of interest to desert dwellers everywhere. Topics covered include alternative construction methods (straw bale, cob, adobe, etc.), gardening in a difficult desert climate, solar energy techniques and applications, desert herbs for food and medicine, sustainable irrigation methods (rainwater catchments, drip, pitcher) and more.

Earthword Journal /Eos Institute 580 Broadway, Suite 200 Laguna Beach, CA 92651 (714) 497-1896 Cost: $20, 4 issues Earthword Journal is a glossy permaculture magazine published collaboratively by Eos Institute and the Permaculture Institute of Southern California. It explores the ecological interface between urban and rural communities and is geared to the professional designer, architect, and land-use planner.

Temperate Bamboo Quarterly /Earth Advocates Research Facility 30 Myers Road Summertown, TN 38483 (615) 964-4151 Cost: $24, quarterly http://www.gaia.org/farm/businesses/bamboo /tbq.html Temperate Bamboo Quarterly is a quarterly publication from Earth Advocates, a permaculture team run by Sue and Adam Turtle. It focuses on the bamboo plant which has unique, multi-purpose uses. They also operate a nursery with dozens of bamboo species.

The Future is Abundant <http://csf.colorado.edu/perma/tilth/> First published in 1982 by Tilth, The Future is Abundant is a classic resource book on permaculture at the bioregional level. Though long out-of-print, it is now available on the Internet.

Permaculture Institute of Northern CA, PO Box 341, Pt Reyes, CA 94956. 415 663-9090<pinc@nbn.com>. Monthly garden tours 1st Sun. of every month 9 am - 1 pm, including examples of ponds and waterfalls design, straw bale construction, chicken tractors, ducks, composting systems, cob construction, rainwater catchment, solar dryer, herb spiral and more $5 -10 donation. Director Penny Livingston in addition to offering design and consulting services also teaches Permaculture Design Courses with Brock Dolman, Doug Gosling and others at: Occidental Arts and Ecology Center 15290 Coleman Valley Rd., Occidental, CA 95465 <oaec@igc.org>

Cob Cottage Co., Cob Building Workshops, P.O. Box 123 Cottage Grove OR 97424

Sustainable Living News, WE-Design P.O. BOX 45472-m, Seattle, WA

Wild Iris Springs Organic Farm School PO Box 1219, Redway CA 95560

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Other Permaculture Resouces

  Earth Repair Catalog - Permanent Publications (UK) http://www.permaculture.co.uk/ A project of Permanent Publications in Great Britain, publisher of Permaculture Magazine UK. The Earth Repair Catalog is a wide selection of books, videos, and resources on permaculture topics: organic gardening; biodynamics; agroforestry; farming; aquaculture; animals; ecological architecture & sustainable building technology; human-scale economy & development; community & groups; and energy saving products.

The Organic Farming Sourcebook. 1996. The Other India Press Above Mapusa Clinic Mapusa 403 507 Goa India Fax: 91-832-263305 The Organic Farming Sourcebook, a resource-rich 338-page guidebook that provides a dynamic treatment of organic agriculture in India, with up-to-date articles, resources, contacts, and suppliers. In modern India, 70% of its 900 million inhabitants still depend on agriculture as a livelihood. These farmers draw upon four thousand years of sustainable farming experience. However, European colonialism and Green Revolution technology has wreaked havoc on natural farming methods in India, and the Sourcebook documents and supports the efforts of the emerging organic farming and permaculture movements in India. Highly recommended.

A Resource Guide of Organizations Promoting Organic Farming in East Africa Region1995. A 116-page resource guide edited by John Kanyuiro, Kihia and John Wanjau Njoroge. It provides names, contact information and brief descriptions of organizations working to promote, research or support organic agriculture in East Africa. Contact Kenya Institute of Organic Farming for price and ordering information. P.O. Box 34972 Nairobi, Kenya Tel: (254-2) 732-487 Fax (254-2) 581-178 Email: kiof@elci.gn.apc.org.

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Global Directory


Permaculture Institute of Europe
Istegade 79, 1650 Kobenhavn V, Denmark
Ph: int+ 45 31315694 Fax: int+ 45 3325 7179

Permanent Publications
Permaculture Magazine UK
: Ecological Solutions for Everyday Life Permanent Publications
Cost: U.S. $24, quarterly (available in the U.S. through The Permaculture Activist)
Tim and Maddy Harland
Hyden House Ltd, Little Hyden Lane, Clanfield, Hampshire, PO 8 ORU, England
Ph: int+ 44 (0)1705 596 500 Fax: int+ 44 (0)1705 595 834
Email: permaculture@gn.apc.org
WWW: http://www.uea.ac.uk/news/home.html

Economic Evolution, Projekt Laban Art Und Viefalt
Georg Parlow
Roemerstr. 1 KGC3, Zurndorf, A-2424, Austria
Ph: int+ 43 (0)2147 23 93 55 Fax: int+ 43 (0)2147 23 93 40

PermaKultur Austria
Andreas Infuhr
c/o Inst.F & Landschaftsflege- Uni fur Bodenkultur
Peter Jordan- Str 82 Wein A 1190, Austria
Ph: int+ 43 147654 3489/3480 Fax: int+ 0043 1 47654 3486

C/- Rudolf Koechli
Les Hayettes 126, 6920 Wellin, Belgium

Kali de Keyser
592 Avenue Dolez, Bruxelles, 1180, Belgium
Ph: int+ (32) 374 6690 or 732 77 20

Marek Petrivalsky
Lazecka' 46, 772 00 Olomouc, Czech Republic

Gaia Trust
Hamish Stewart
Skyumvej 101, DK 7752 Snedsted, Denmark
Ph: int+ 45 97 93 6655 Fax: int+ 45 97 93 66 77

Permakulturgruppen 1 Denmark
Tony Andersen & Inga Axelsen
Istdgade 79, 1650 Copenhagen V, Denmark
Ph: int+ 45 3325 7079 or +45 3131 5694 Fax: int+ 45 3325 7179

Kolding Hojskole (Global Gardener Education)
Jesper Saxgren
Skovvangen 18, 6000 Kolding, Denmark
Ph: int+ 45 75 53 0600 Fax: int+ 45 75 50 8210

PC for Renewable Energy
Eric Tybirk
P.O. Box 208, DK-7760 Hurup Thy, Denmark
Ph: int+ 45 97 95 6600 Fax: int+ 45 97 95 6565

Hollie Hollander
84 Hudson Straat, 1057 SP, Amsterdam, Holland
Ph: int+ 0031 020 689 4366 or int+ 0031 052 361 3434

Earth Village Network
Persh Hannah Sassoon
6 Edinburgh Crescent, Leamington Spa, CV 313LL, U.K.
Ph: int+ 44(0) 1926 42 4480 Ph: int+ 44 (0) 1926 88 2457

Land Care Associates
Phil Hills
Unit 310, Jubilee Trades Centre, 130 Pershore Street,
Birmingham, B5 6ND, UK
Ph: int+ 44 (0)121 622 1249 Fax; int+ 44 (0)121 622 4443

Designed Visions (The Star Trading System)
Jane Hera, 8 Helen Rd, Oxford OX2 0DE, England
Ph: int+ 441 865 721922 Fax: int+ 441 865 244412

Pc Association of Britain
Steve Jones, Sue Cameron, Rachael Banks
PO Box 1, Buckfastleigh, Devon, TQ110LH, England
Ph: int+ 44 (0)1654 71 2188

C/- Olivier
Chateua de Vaugran, F30480 Cendras, France
Ph: 33 663 04342

Beau Champ
John Cant
24610 Montpeyroux, Dordogne, France
Ph: int+ (33) 5382 6998 Fax: int+ (33) 5740 6565
email: johncant@in-net.inba.fr

Pc Pyrenees
Emilia Hazelip
B.P. 217, Limoux F-11300, France
Ph/Fax: int+ 33 68 31 51 11

Steve Page
Chez Forest, 87600 Cheronnac, France
Tel: int+ 33 (0)555 486362

Association "Le Tertre Blanc"
Christiane Thomas
Ferme "Les Moulineaox", Bailly, 78870 France.
Tel/Fax: int+ 33 16 1 34626300

Le Paysaye Conestible /Fruit and Nut Farm Pyrenees
Andy Darlington / Jessie Fiske-Darlington
"Les Cloutets" 11140 Sougraigne, Aude, France
Ph: int + 68 69 8452 Fax: int+ 68 69 8082

Permaculture Bayern e.V. (Bavaria)
Peter Birkett, Herrmannsdorf 11, D85625 Glonn Germany.
Tel +44 (0)8093 5020 Fax +44 (0)8093 3137 Email <BR>

Permakultur Institut of Germany e.V.
Heide Micah, Wutzfeld 21, D40667 Meerbusch

Permakultur Steyerberg
Global Eco-Village Network (Europe)
Prof. Declan Kennedy
Ginsterwery 5 D-31595 Steyerberg, Germany
Ph: int+ 49 5764 2158 Fax: int+ 49 5764 2368
Email: dkennedy@lebensgarten.gaia.org\

Wulf Blum
Schillerslager Str. 37, 3167 Bergdorf/Hannover, Germany
Ph: int + 05136 894580

Christina Werdermann
Rheingaustr. 6, 12161 Berlin, Germany.
Ph: int+ 030 821 6563

Richard Webb & Associates
Dr. Richard Webb
"Springfields", 3 Hollybrook Bray, Co. Wicklow,
Ph: int+ 353 1 286 6154 Fax: int+ 353 1 286 6990

Irish PC Worknet
Marcus McCabe
Corrany, Roslea, County Fermonaghan, Northern Ireland

The Ark Pc Project
Kate Mullaney
Burdautien, Clones, Co. Monaghan, Ireland.
Ph/Fax: int+ 353 47 52049

Bocar People
Ebar Ban
Bocare, Sneem, Co. Kerry, Eire, Ireland

Associazione Italiana Di Permacultura
c/o Balboni Iuris - via Lenin 62, 41012 Carpi (MO),

De Waard Edible Landscapes
Fransje de Waard
Po Box 93108, 1090 BC Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Ph/Fax: int+ 31 299 684 227

Earth Village Network
Sarah & Ishi Crosby
Maasstraat 168, 7417 AM, Deventer, The Netherlands
Ph: int+ 31 05706 633 628, c/o Erikh@box.nl

PC Center Gaia
Ishi & Sarah Crosby
Schoterlandse weg 22, Katlijk Freisland JG 8455 ,
The Netherlands
Ph: int+ 31 (0) 5135 41667

Niewsbrief Permacultuur Nederland
Redaktie, Tonald Oostendorp,
Oosterdjk 57e, 1601 DB, Enkhuizen, Nederlands
Ph: int+ ..(0)2 289 2200

Norsk Permakulturforening
Ingvald Erga
Erga Gard, 4343 Orre, Norway
Ph: int+ 47 5142 8122

Norwegian PC Association
Marianne Leisner & Frederica Miller,GAIA NESODDEN, Gartnervn 4, 1450, Nesoddtangen, Norway
Ph/Fax: int+ 47 669 60459

John Patrick Misson
Apartado 7I, P-88000 Tavira, Portugal

Scottish PC
Graham Bell, Derek Mackenzie-Hook, Dr Nancy Woodhead
c/ Earthward, Tweed Horizons, Newtown St Boswells,
Roxburghshire, TD6 0SG Scotland
Ph: int+ 44 1835 822122 Fax: int+ 44 1835 822199

David Bremner
Alkowna, Burnside Road, Kingston on Spey, Moray,
IV327NN, Scotland
Tel Int+ 44 (0) 1343 870487

Skye and Lochalsh Pc
Sandy Masson
Rubha Phoil Forest Garden, Armadale Pier Road
Armadale,Sleat, Isle of Skye, Scotland IV45 8RS

Finca La Mohea
Ruth Bond
Genalguacil, Malaga 29492, Spain
Ph: int+ 34 (9)5 215 2012 fax: int+ 34 (9)5 215 2031

Galeria Arte Elemental
Luciano Furcas & Shena Lamb
Calle Merced 33, 11391 Facinas, Cadiz, Spain
Ph: int+ 34 (9)56 687 044 Fax: int+ 34 (9)56 687 193

UNIVERD - Pc of Spain
Feliciano Pla-Xiberta
Provenza, 86, 2o, 4a, 080 29 Barcelona, Spain
Tel: int+ 34 (9)3 430 6478

Mike Lelliott
Apto 80, Orgiva 18400, Granada, Spain
Tel: int+ 34 (9)58 784500

El Tempranal
Nick Cross
Firea "El Tempranal", Archez 29753, Malaga, Spain
Tel Int+ 34 908 45 6782

Permacultura Montsant
c/o Nou Le, 43360 Cornudella de Montsant,
Tarragona, Spain

Larry Buckle
El Gato, 31 Coin, Malaga, Spain
Ph/Fax: int + 34 (5) 211 9032

Pc Iberica
C/- merced, 33, E.Facinas, II39I Cadiz, Spain
Ph: int+ 34 (9) 56 68 7044

Permaculture Sweden
Bertil Thermaenius
Hoglandstorget 9, Bromma, Sweden 16140
Ph/Fax: int+ 46 (0)8 260 775 & 260745

Verein Permakultur Schweiz
Ursula Ammann
Reichenbachstr 6, CH-3052 Zollikofen, Switzerland
Tel: int+ 41 31 911 4588

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The Green Kibbutz Group
Jan Martin Bang
Kibbutz Gezer, CN Shimshon 99786, Israel
Ph: int+ 972 8 9270 646 Fax: 972 8 9270 736

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PINZ- Pc Inst. of NZ
Dave Edwards C/-PINZ
PO Box 56107, Dominion Road, Auckland
Email: edoadway@iconn.co.nz

PC Hokianga
Miriam & Jim Tyler
Taheke Falls Tree Farm, Taheke Private Bag, Kaikohe, Northland.
Ph: int+ 64 (0)9 401 4882

Tui Community/Childrens Permaculture Foundation
Robyn McCurdy
Tui Community, Wainui Bay, RDI Takaka,
7172, Aotearoa.
Ph: int+ 64 3 525 9654 Fax: int+ 64 3 525 8659

Pooh Corner
Duncan and Judy Smith
Rural Bag 7417,
Waimata Valley Gisborne.
Ph: int+ 64 (0)6 867 0372

Rainbow Valley Farm
Joe Polaischer or Trish Allen
588 Matakana Valley Rd, Rd5 Warkworth, New Zealand
Ph: int+ 64 09 422 7432

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Permaculture Community Action Worknet
Richard Griffith, President, founder
104 Bridlwood Blvd., Agincourt, Ontario, Canada, ON M1T 1R1
Phone (416) 497-5746
Email:<mulchman@web.net> Website: <http://www.web.net/~mulchman/>

Robel Environmental
Roland Schmidt-Bellach
4404, 4th Ave. South (ss1-2-20), Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada.
Ph: int.+ 1 (403) 380 3797 or 381 5175 Fax: int.+ 1 403 3815765.
Email : Upanet, schmidt@upanet.uleth.ca

Institute for Bioregional Studies
Phil Ferraro, Director
449 University Avenue Suite 126, Charlottetown,
Prince Edward Island, C1A 8K3, Canada
Ph: int+ 1 (902) 892 9578

Linnaea Farm
Liz Richardson
PO Box 98,Mansons Landing
BC, Canada VOP 1KO
Ph: int + 604 935 6370

Earthaven/Culture's Edge Ecovillage and Training Center
POBox 1107, Black Mountain, NC 28711
Ph: 704-298-2399
<earthaven@circle.net>< http://www.earthaven.org/welcome/welcome.htm>

Silverbell Trading
Barbara Rose
7007 Oracle Road,
Tucson AZ 85704
Ph: int + (1) 502 797 6852

P/C Drylands Institute
Vicki Marvick
PO Box 133, Pearce, Arizona, AZ 85625, U.S.A.
Ph: int+ 1 602 824 3465 Fax: int+ 1 602 824 3542

Design Works Consult. & Urban Pc Demo Site
Dan Dorsey
221 E Linden, Tucson, Arizona 85705, U.S.A.
Ph: int+ 1 602 624 8030

Permaculture Drylands
Greg Peterson
6750 N 13th Pl, Phoenix,
Arizona, 85014, U.S.A.
Ph: int+ 1 602 279 3713 Fax: int+ 1 602 279 1874

PINC (Pc Institute of Northern California)
Box 341, Pt. Reyes Station, CA 94956
Tel/Fax: int+ 1 415 663 9090
Email: Pinc@nbn.com
WWW: http://www.nbn.com/people/pinc

Village Homes Assoc.
Sheila Kenward
2665 Portage Bay Ave, STE 6, Davis, California, 95616 USA
Tel: int+ 1 916 753 6345

Pc Institute of Southern California
Dr Bill Roley
1027 Summit Way, Laguna Beach, CA 92651, USA
Ph: int+ (1) 714 494 5843

Earth Speaks Pc
Jeffrey Hovermale
149 Harvard Street, Colorado Springs CO 80911, USA
Ph: int + (1) 719 392 4882

Central Rocky Mtn Pc Inst. (CRMPI)
PO Box 631, Basalt, Colorado, 81621, USA
Ph/Fax: 1 (303) 927 4158
email 103070.2364@compuserve.com

HAPI (High Altitude Permaculture Institute)
Sandy Cruz
PO Box 238 Ward, Colorado, 80481, U.S.A.
Ph: int+ 1 (303) 459 3494

Yankee Permaculture, Elfin Permaculture, and Forest Ecosystem Rescue Network (FERN)
Dan Hemenway
P.O. Box 52 Sparr, FL 32192
Email: YankeePerm@aol.com, and Elfpermact@aol.com

Nature Harvest Designs
David Jacke
82A East Street, Great Barrington, MA 01230, USA
Ph Int+ (1) 413 528 5677

The Permaculture Activist
Peter Bane, editor
PO Box 1209, Black Mountain, North Carolina, NC 28711, U.S.A.
Ph: int +1 (828) 298-2812 Fax: int +1 (828) 298-6441
pcactivist@mindspring.com or keithdj@mindspring.com

Gap Mountain Pc
Doug Clayton
50 Bullard Rd Jaffrey, New Hampshire, NH 03452, U.S.A.
Ph: int+ 1 (606) 532 7321
email: dnclayton@aol.com

Grass Roots Gardens
Lee Barnes
POBox 1303, Waynesville, NC 28786, USA
Ph: int + (1) 704 452 5716

Earth Guild
Charlie Headington
515 North Mendenhall Street, Greensboro NC 27401, USA
Ph: int +(1) 910 273 7292

Trina Paulus
86 Elm Street, Montclair NJ 07042, USA
Ph: int+ (1) 201 746 8715

Flowering Tree PC Inst.
PO Box 4302, Fairview, NM 87533, USA.
Ph: int+1 505 753 6590

Living Structure
Danny Buck
1594 A San Mateo Lane, Santa Fe NM 87505
Ph: int+ (1) 505 988 2202 Fax: int +(1) 505 988 2289

Sol y Sombra Foundation
4018 Old Santa Fe Trail, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87505, USA
Ph: int+ 1 (505) 982 2752 Fax: int+ 1 (505) 982 9201

Portland Permaculture Implementation Group
Rick Valley
PO Box 8691, Portland, OR 97286-0291, USA
Ph: int+ 1 (503) 774 6353

Forestcare Co
Curtin Mitchell
PO Box 27, Lorane, Oregon, 97451, U.S.A.

Lost Valley Educational Centre
81868 Lost Valley Lane, Dexter, OR 97431, USA
Ph: (541) 937 3351
Email lvec@aol.com

Rodale Institute
Bill Landesman
611 Siegfriedale Road, Kutztown, PA, 19530, USA
Ph: int+ 1 610 683 1458 Fax: int+ 1 610 683 8548

Dancing Green
Dawn Shiner
..............................Floyd, Va, USA

East Tennessee Pc
Gene Monaco
PO Box 11851
Knoxville, Tennessee 37939 USA
Ph: int+ 1 423-457-4354

Cross Timbers Permaculture Institute, Kirby Fry
Route 1, Box 210-A, Glen Rose, Texas, 76043, USA
Ph: int+ 1 817 897 9402 Fax: int+ 1 817 897 3785

Animal Farm
Gita Vanwoerden
Box 15NA, Catspring Texas, 78933 USA
Tel: int+ 1 (409) 992 3038/ (713) 666 3991 Fax: int+ 1 (713) 668 9145

Heartland PC
Patricia Michael
8801 Scarlet Circle, Austin,
TX 78606, USA
Ph: int+ (1) 201 833 2440

Eastern Pc Teachers Assoc.

Friends of the Trees Society
Michael Pilarski
PO Box, 4469, Bellingham, WA, 98227, U.S.A.
Ph: int+ 1 360 738 4972 Fax: int+ 1 360 738 4972

Sustainable Living News
Windy Cliff Environmental Design, Michael Lockman
PO Box 45472, Seattle, WA 98145, USA
Ph: int+ 1 206 323 6567

Yes! Positive Futures Network
PO Box 10818
Bainbridge Island, WA 98110
Ph: int+ 1 206 842 0216 Fax: int+ 1 206 842 5208

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Maui P/C Institute & Harmonious Earth Research (HER)
Marianne Scott
PO Box 1805, Kihei, Hawaii, HI 96753.
Ph: int+ 1 808 879 0930

Permaculture Hawaii
Carl Winge
PO Box 6710, Ocean View, Hawaii, 96737-6308
Tel int+ 1 808 939 9028 Fax: int+ 1 808 939 7620

Permaculture Hawai'i
Po Box 5167, Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, HI.
Ph: int+ 1 808 929 9028

Source Ecosystems & Future Forests Nursery
Craig Elevitch & Kim Wilkinson
PO Box, 428, Holualoa, Hawaii, HI 96725.
Ph: int+ 1 808 326 4670 Fax: int+ 1 808 324 4129

RR Z Box 3950
Pahoa, HAWAII 96778
Ph: int+ 808 965 6069
Address it attn Manis.

Kastom Garden Project
Tony Jansen
c/- DES, Box 556, Honiara, Solomon Islands
Ph: int+ xx 677 39551 Fax: int+ xx 677 21339

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Books & Proceedings on Agroforestry

Temperature Agroforestry Systems, edited by Andrew M. Gordon and Steven M. Newman. 1997. CAB International, New York, NY. 269 p. This is a landmark book on agroforestry for temperate regions. Chapters include agforestry practices in North America, New Zealand, Australia, China, and Europe. Read this book for working examples of permaculture on a broad-scale.

Building a Sustainable Future: Proceedings of the 4th North American Agroforestry Conference edited by John H. Ehrenreich, Dixie L. Ehrenreich, and Harry W. Lee. 1996. Held July 1995 in Boise, Idaho. College of Forestry, Wildlife, and Range Stations, University of Idaho, Moscow, ID. 200 p. Topics covered in the proceedings include: agro- forestry potential, biology of temperate agro-forestry systems, economics of agroforestry, temperate agroforestry cropping systems, riparian buffer strips, silvopastoral systems, alley cropping and inter-cropping, and windbreaks and shelterbelts. Cost is $40, checks payable to University of Idaho: Dr. John Ehrenreich College of Forestry, Wildlife, and Range Stations, University of Idaho Moscow, ID 83844-1135 Tel: 208-885-7600 Fax: 208-885-5878 Email: dixie@uidaho.edu

Opportunities for Agroforestry in the Temperate Zone Worldwide edited by Richard C. Schultz, and Joe P.Calletti. 1994. Proceedings of the Third North American Temperate Agroforestry Conference. Held August 1993 in Ames, Iowa. Order from: Department of Forestry 251 Bessey Hall Iowa State University Ames, IA 50011-1021 515-294-1166

Agroforestry and Sustainable Systems: Symposium Proceedings edited by W.J. Rietveld. 1995. Held August 7-10, 1994 in Fort Collins, Colorado. General Technical Report RM-GTR-261. USDA-Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Forest and Range Experiment Station. 276 p. Topics in the proceedings include: riparian buffer systems, soil bioengineering-the use of dormant woody planting for slope protection, windbreak systems, living snowfences, trees and pasture, agroforestry and wildlife, status of agroforestry in 5 agroclimatic regions of the U.S., agroforestry-enhanced biodiversity, & conservation trees.

Agroforestry Today ICRAF Subscriptions P.O. Box 46 Stevenage, Hertfordshire SG1 4TS England $40/4 issues per year Agroforestry Today is a quarterly magazine that carries reports from around the world on farming systems that focus on the integration of trees, crops, and livestock, and the people who raise them. It is one of the leading voices for agro-forestry worldwide. While the content deals mostly with sub-tropical and tropical agro-forestry, much of the information has universal applications (e.g., mycorrhizae, on-farm research methods, soil-plant interactions, tree establishment methods, etc.)

Association for Temperate Agroforestry (AFTA) School of Natural Resources 1-30 Agricultural Hall University of Missouri Columbia, MO 65211 http://www.missouri.edu/~afta/ http://gis.umn.edu/~hperry/agroforestry.html $25/year membership fee includes subscription to The Temperate Agroforester, quarterly newsletter.

The National Agroforestry Center Rocky Mountain and Range Experiment Station University of Nebraska - East Campus Lincoln, NE 68583-0822 402-437-5178 http://www.unl.edu/nac/ Publishes InsideAgroforestry newsletter, provides technical assistance to landowners on windbreaks and agroforestry, sponsors research, distributes literature.

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Manuals, Primers, and Syllabi on Permaculture

The Future is Abundant http://csf.colorado.edu/perma/tilth/

A Permaculture Primer http://hueylong.cadgis.lsu.edu/lhin/visitor/html/primer/

Permaculture: Using Eco-Logical Design to Feed Ourselves http://www.brynmawr.edu/Acads/Geo/SenSem/Shapley2/Permaculture-outline.html

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On-Line Articles, Fact Sheets, & Proceedings on Permaculture

Permaculture by Sego Jackson. Originally published in IN CONTEXT #8, Winter 1984. http://www.context.org/ICLIB/IC08/Jackson.htm

Permaculture: Design For Living by Bill Mollison. Originally published in IN CONTEXT #28, Spring 1991 http://www.context.org/ICLIB/IC28/Mollison.htm

WWF Permaculture Fact Sheet (South Africa) http://www.panda.org/resources/factsheets/enviroecon/frame.htm?07perm.htm

Building A Bamboo Farm: Using Permaculture Principles in Bamboo Agroforestry by Simon Henderson. One of several on-line articles at Permaculture the Earth http://www.permaearth.org/bamboo.html Other on-line articles on Permaculture will also be found at this address: http://www.permaearth.org/writings.html

Sixth International Permaculture Conference & Convergence Perth & Bridgetown, Western Australia September 27 to October 7, 1996 http://www.cowan.edu.au/~paustin/ipc6/

Introduction to Permaculture and The Terrible Time of Day by Andrew Jeeves and Bill Mollison. Pamphlet I in the Permaculture Design Course Series. Published by Yankee Permaculture http://csf.colorado.edu/perma/yankee_intro.html

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Permaculture Online in North America

InterGarden: Organic Gardening & Permaculture Information at U.N.C. http://sunsite.unc.edu/london/permaculture.html http://sunsite.unc.edu/london/

The Sustainable Farmstead, Permaculture Resources http://www.jump.net/users/perma/

Permaculture Guide at Communications for a Sustainable Future http://csf.colorado.edu:8080/

Permaculture and Sustainable Living & Livelihood at CSF http://csf.colorado.edu/perma/

International Institute for Ecological Agriculture http://www.permaculture-institute.org/

Central Valley Permaculture Group (California State University Stanislaus) http://arnica.csustan.edu/permaculture/

Cross Timbers Permaculture Institute in Texas http://csf.colorado.edu/perma/ctpi/cross_t.htm

Friends of the Trees http://www.geocities.com/RainForest/4663/

Permaculture Drylands Institute http://members.aol.com/pdrylands/PDIhome1.htm

The Permaculture Activist - http://www.sunsite.unc.edu/pcactiv

Dry Country News http://kumo.swcp.com/xines/

Permaculture at Heathcote Intentional Community http://www.welch.jhu.edu/~lfelch/heathcote.html

Permaculture Community Action Worknet (Toronto, Canada) http://www.web.net/~mulchman/

Ecology and Permaculture Network of Mexico http://www.tortuga.com/earth/

La'akea Permaculture Gardens http://www.permaculture-hawaii.com/

Animal Farm Permaculture Center http://www.neosoft.com/~animalfm/afpchome.htm

Dreamtime Village Permaculture Hyper-Media http://net22.com/dreamtime/index.shtml

Pecos River Farms Permaculture Research Center http://www.geocities.com/RainForest/Vines/8033/

The Archimedes Project: Living Systems Design Group http://www.livingsystems.com/arch.html

Permaculture the Earth http://www.permaearth.org/

Pedro's Permaculture Pointers http://www.thefarm.org/permaculture/pclinks.html

ATTRA, Appropriate Technology Transfer for Rural Areas http://www.attra.org/attra-pub/perma.html

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Permaculture Online in Australia

Permaculture International Journal (Australia) http://nornet.nor.com.au/environment/perma/ Email: pcjournal@peg.apc.org

International Permaculture Institute (Australia) Email: perminst@peg.apc.org

Permaculture Global Assistance Network (Australia) http://www.peg.apc.org/~pgan

Permaculture in Western Australia http://www.eepo.com.au/perma/

Permaculture Visions - International Correspondence Course (Australia) http://www.ozemail.com.au/~askpv/

Correspondence Course on Permaculture (Australia) http://www.qldnet.com.au/acs/hort/permaculture.html

Far South Coast Permaculture (Australia) http://www.acr.net.au/perma/mainperm.html

Permaculture on Carmela's Home Page http://www.ozoline.com.au/permaculture/index.html

The Jarlanbah Permaculture Hamlet http://www.nor.com.au/tourism/nimbin/jarl.htm

Eco-Logical Solutions, Ltd. http://www.gaia.org/crystalwaters/els.html#els

Sixth International Permaculture Conference & Convergence Perth & Bridgetown, Western Australia September 27 to October 7, 1996 http://www.cowan.edu.au/~paustin/ipc6/

Earthlink- Australia's Environmentally Friendly Directory (formerly Green Pages) http://www.green-pages.com.au/

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Permaculture Online in the United Kingdom

British Permaculture Magazine/Permanent Publications Web Site http://www.gaia.org/permaculture

PermaWeb in Great Britain http://www.sysmag.com/permaweb

Permaculture Association http://www.sysmag.com/permaweb/groups/pcbritain

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Permaculture Online Around the World

Permaculture on "Mind•Body•Spirit" Web Page (South Africa) http://www.pix.za/mbs/body/perma.htm

Permaculture Fact Sheet (South Africa) http://www.panda.org/resources/factsheets/enviroecon/frame.htm?07perm.htm

Permaculture Japan Suite http://www.saitama-j.or.jp/~nexus/permaculture/perma.html

Permakultur Austria http://ifl.boku.ac.at:80/research/permakultur/home.html, http://2012.org/permakultur/pka/index.html

Permakultur@2012.org (Germany) http://2012.org/permakultur/ (German version) http://2012.org/permakultur/indexe.html (English version)

Green Agriculture Under Blue Skies (Spain) http://www.renview.com/lamohea/

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Permaculture Plants Online

Plants for a Future On-Line http://www.scs.leeds.ac.uk/pfaf/index.html

Atcros On Internet - The World Wide Web version of the Australasian Tree Crops Sourcebook http://www.aoi.com.au/atcros/

The Vetiver Grass Network http://www.vetiver.org/

The American Bamboo Society http://www.bamboo.org/abs/

The Duckweed Clearinghouse http://www.prism-usa.org/

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Permaculture Technologies Online

Keyline Design - Water for Every Farm http://www.keyline.com.au/

Alternative Technology Association (ATA) http://www.ata.org.au/

The Solar Cooking Archive http://www.accessone.com/~sbcn/index.htm

Sustainable Building Sourcebook http://www.greenbuilder.com/sourcebook/

Aquaponics - Integration of Hydroponics with Aquaculture http://www.aquaponics.com/

Ocean Arks International Home Page http://www.earthbase.org/guests/oai/

Integrated Biosystems http://www.ias.unu.edu/vfellow/foo/ibs/index.htm

Fish Polyculture Used in Wastewater Treatment by Oleg Daugovish. Stensund Wastewater Treatment at Stensund,Trosa, Sweden http://www.algonet.se/~stensund/aqua/students/oleg.htm

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Bioregional & Eco-Village Links

Earthaven Ecovillage and Permaculture Training Center
POBox 1107, Black Mountain, NC 28711
Ph: 704-298-2399
<earthaven@circle.net>< http://www.earthaven.org/welcome/welcome.htm>

EcoVillage Information Service < http://www.gaia.org/ >

Intentional Communities on the Web http://www.well.com/user/cmty/index.html

The Farm EcoVillage Training Center http://www.gaia.org/farm/

Crystal Waters Permaculture Village http://www.gaia.org/crystalwaters/cw_toc.html#cw_toc

Arcosanti (Arizona) http://www.arcosanti.org

Auroville (India) http://www.auroville-india.org/

Earthaven: PO Box 1107, Black Mountain, NC 28711, 704-298-2399 

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Virtual Libraries on Permaculture

Center of Excellence for Sustainable Development http://www.sustainable.doe.gov/

Sustainable Architecture Building & Culture http://www.west.net/~prince/index.htm

Sustainable Earth Electronic Library http://www.envirolink.org/pubs/index.html#library_subject_areas

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Agroforestry Web Sites

The Temperate Agroforestry Homepage http://gis.umn.edu/~hperry/agroforestry.html

The Association for Temperate Agroforestry (AFTA) http://www.missouri.edu/~afta/afta_home.html

National Agroforestry Center http://www.unl.edu/nac/

The Agroforestry Concept http://crappie.gis.umn.edu/~hperry/

AFTA/concept.html Agroforestry for Farms & Ranches - Agroforestry Technical Note No. 1 http://www.nhq.nrcs.usda.gov/BCS/forest/tnote1.html

Agroforestry Articles & Resources in Rodale's International Ag-Sieve http://fadr.msu.ru/rodale/agsieve/txt/agrofor.html

Urban and Community Forestry Resource Materials Guide http://www.ag.uiuc.edu/~forestry/guide/index.html

Agroforestry Research Trust http://members.aol.com/AgroResTr/homepage.html

Forests, Trees and People Programme & Network http://www-trees.slu.se/index.html

International Union of Forestry Research Organizations http://iufro.boku.ac.at/

Afforestation in South Africa http://www.panda.org/resources/factsheets/forests/frame.htm?22affor.htm

ICRAF - International Center for Research in Agroforestry http://www.cgiar.org/icraf/

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Holistic Planning & Land Management

Holistic Management http://www.igc.apc.org/holisticmanagement/

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