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To introduce q fresh rack.

To  Value distributors/Dealers

Introducing C.H.K. D.I.Y  household furniture.

C.H.K. D.I.Y furniture is a leading design,supply & manufacture of all kind of D.I.Y. furniture,
Q-FRESH is one of our new products & has been export to overseas distributor,we was start business  in 1995.

Currently we are looking for overseas distributor of Q-FRESH rack products & we are accept custom make in D.I.Y furniture.

About Q-FRESH rack:

Q-FRESH rack has a product to match HYDROPONIC & HOUSE PLANT,using only the high quality materials with best technology.Discover the charming & elegance of Q-FRESH rack todays.....

Q-FRESH rack product series-    classic   QF-1
                                royal     QF-2
                                regular   QF-3
                                delux     QF-4

 -Q-FRESH rack is specially designed to match hydroponic & house plant.

 -The high quality Q-FRESH rack gives you so much valueable extra space o put hydroponic
  & house plant.

 -Special designed PP sheet shield to prevent ultraviolet from sunshine & rain,solid caster will
  enable you to move the rack randomly.

 -Finishing in gleaming white and can be easily cleaned & it become in D.I.Y. installation method

 Product quality,fast service & customer satisfaction is our company policy,kindly inform you if
 you are interested to be one of our distributor of Q-FRESH rack products,please do not hesitate
 to e-mail to us.

 For more information to get product photo & details please visit our home page:


 Thank  you  &  best  regards  !