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August 29, 1998
11:54:17 AM

I saw your name on the agricultural web site, I don't know what your involvement with ostriches is, but this may interest you:

Bigsouth Industries is turning Ostriches into money!
Our Breeder farms are selling their eggs, our hatchers are now selling their chicks, the growout farms already have orders in place for next year's herds.
Today's ostrich farmer is realizing it is no longer practical to do it all.....
Are you frustrated and not making any money in the bird business?
We are currently filling positions for experienced hatchers for the 1999 season
Let us put your experience to work and make YOU money!!!
* This offer is for experienced hatchers only.

If you have internet access take a look at this site:
If not Give me a call:
Dann Rogers, Bigsouth Ostriches Nashville, Tennessee 1-615-876-8400