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( wood ) fumigation

while developing a portable NO2 generator
( for use in biological water treatment
  operating on air - or on air plus a 25-percent NH3 solution )
we were surprised by the curative   a n d   preventive
effects a mixture of NO and NO2 (e.g. 200-1000 ppm)
seems to have on some fungi and insects.

in cooperation with the
Bundesanstalt fuer Holz- und Forstwirtschaft / Hamburg
we shall  - beginning next week - run preliminary systematic tests
using e.a. merulius lacrymans and five "relatives"

who has already wasted thoughts and funds on this subject ?
there is no trace of any research  done here in Germany

we are only fluent in  English, deutsch and francais
but shall be grateful for any hint in any language

Friedrich G. Horwarth
Process Development
D-22113 Oststeinbek
             ( Hamburg FRG )
phone  +49 (0) 40 730 1073
fax       +49 (0) 40 730 1873
e-mail   azotox@aol.com