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Fw: Australian Sites

We have a few gardening related links,
You may find them of interest
    This is our oldest site. It contains a great deal of information (articles, links, book reviews, course info etc) broken into a wide range of categories (eg. Landscaping, Turf, Propagation, Roses, Orchids, Herbs, Tropicals, Gardens, Professional Associations, Permaculture, etc)
    This is our gardening newsletter or ezine (just launched), with calenders of events, articles, a mail order bookshop and large list of gardening links
    This site presents a new system offered by the Australian Correspondence Schools where people can design their own gardening course -length/duration/content to suit their specific needs
We would be happy to swap links with you in any of these sites if you are interested....just email us back with the url you would like us to use, and indicating where you would like us to add a link for you.
Many thanks for your time,
John Mason