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BD Gardening Position

SUBJECT:  Available BD live-in position in San Diego CA area
CONTACT:  Pat Connolly (PPNF@aol.com)
DETAILS:  I, a 70 y.o. single lady, wish to contact a BD gardener, or couple,
desiring a comfortable shared living environment on 7/10ths acre.  You would
receive room & board, private bath, hot tub (just steps from your door), and
a $100/wk stipend.  In return I would expect several hours daily dedicated to
composting, prep applications, irrigation maintenance, upkeep of the raised
vegetable beds, and keeping the house in order.  I would expect shared meal
preparation that addresses both our palates.  You would also be responsible
for pruning & care of the many fruit trees (both temperate and also
tropical...such as mango, passion fruit, bananas & cherimoya).

Obviously, this is not a full-time position and you would have much free time
for research, writing, and interaction with the nearby BD community (which
includes Peter & Charlotte Dukich for BD classes plus Rob Farmer for
consultation and BD compost help).  It would seem appropriate that you earn
extra income by helping some of the local BD gardens for $$$, or other
part-time work.

Pleae contact Pat (PPNF@aol.com) with any questions.

I have a friend in North County San Diego who is also interested.  She has a
small but intensive 1/3 acre BD garden.  Included would be room, private bath
and use of kitchen.

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