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Job Opening - Interdisciplinary

The Agricultural Research Service, USDA, University Park, Pennsylvania, has
an opening for a permanent full-time Research Scientist to lead and conduct
research on integrated farming systems where livestock production and
grazing are major activities.  The scientist is expected to formulate,
develop, and apply concepts and methodology to better assess, design, and
manage northeastern U.S. farming systems for purposes of improving their
productivity, sustainability, profitability, and environmental impacts.  The
focus is on establishing, quantifying, and optimizing the linkages between
farming system performance and its components, such as animal, pasture,
forages, crops, nutrients, waste, pests, and as a farm component within the
larger landscape, watershed, and community system scales where issues such
as water quality and land use are typically addressed.  The scientist will
work closely with the ARS research team at University Park, and will obtain
the other expertise needed to advance the research project by collaboration
with other researchers and institutions.  Candidate must be a U.S. citizen;
have a degree in animal science, agronomy, or agricultural engineering with
sufficient specialized course work to directly support this assignment; have
knowledge of systems analysis, systems modeling, or systems engineering; and
have the ability to plan, conduct, and publish research results relating to
farm-based or agricultural ecosystem or forage-livestock farming systems.
Salary commensurate with experience $53,456 to $63,169 per year (GS-13/14).
For copy of the application package, call 814-863-0939 or FAX 814-863-0935.
For information on the research
project, call Dr. Harry Pionke, Research Leader.  Incomplete applications
will not be considered.  Applications in response to this advertisement must
be marked (ARS-D7N-0077) and postmarked by May 5, 1997.  USDA-ARS IS AN