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AGRICULTURE Agriculture Food Systems @ UN

During the Commission on Sustainable Development
High Level Meetings and Working Sessions
United Nations Headquarters, New York, April,1997

The Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems Caucus is an ad hoc
forum for farmers, women, youth and other nongovernmental civil
society groups following sustainable agriculture, rural
development, and food system related issues in the wake of
policies and programs developed by both governments and civil
society.  The immediate purpose of the caucus is to coordinate
scheduling of side events and inputs to the meetings of the CSD on
the eve of the five year anniversary of the Rio Conference on the
Environment and Development and the NGO Treaties on Sustainable
Agriculture and Food Security. The larger purpose of the caucus is
to plan now for the next major review of food and agriculture
issues by the CSD in the year 2000.


Name of caucus:     Sustainable Agriculture/Food Systems

Name of Focal Point at CSD V: Thomas Forster (see details below)

The Sustainable Agriculture/Food Systems Caucus focuses on food
production systems that are humane, organic and sustainable as well
as food system and food security issues relating to social and
economic concerns in urban and rural communities.

Key members of the Caucus with email/fax details and

Press contact:      Peter Mann, World Hunger Year, email:
                    pmann@igc.apc.org, fax: (212) 465-9274, tel:
                    (212) 629-8850

Co-chair, Farmers' Dialogue:  Linda Elswick, World Sustainable 
                    Agriculture Association (WSAA); email:
                    wsaadc@igc.apc.org; Fax: (202) 293-2209; Tel.
                    (202) 293-2155;  Telephone in New York as of
                    4/10/97: c/o Pickwick Hotel (212) 355-0300

Humane Production:  Gary Valen, Humane Society of the US/Humane
                    Society International, email:
                    ewcp@ix.netcom.com, fax: (301) 258-3081, tel:
                    (301) 548-7709 

Organic/sustainable food production: Roger Blobaum, World
                    Sustainable Agriculture Association, email:
                    wsaadc@igc.apc.org, fax: (202) 537-0192, tel:
                    (202) 537-0191 

Local food systems/food security (South): Silvia Ribeiro,
                    REDES/Friends of the Earth Uruguay, email:
                    redesur@chasque.apc.org, fax: (548-2) 381640

Local food systems/food security (North): Thomas Forster, Lopez
                    Community Land Trust, email:
                    tforster@igc.apc.org, fax: (360) 468-4000, tel:
                    (360) 468-3723;  Telephone in New York as of
                    4/10/97: (212) 929-1911 

Other members and local contact numbers to be announced as they
become available.