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Videos from Calif. Dept. Food and Agric.

There are three videos mentioned here, followed by a press release for 
another video.

Contact info:
Kertrina Anderson or Casey Walsh Cady at: 
FREP Rm A- 472, CDFA, 
1220 N Street, Sacramento, CA 95814.

Phone (916) 653-5340
Fax      (916) 653-2407
E-mail: ccady@cdfa.ca.gov

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 California Dept. Food and Agriculture Fertilizer Research and
Education Program Videos 

1. Best Management Practices for Nitrogen and Water Use in Irrigated

Defines and illustrates technologies and handling practices for best
management of nitrogen in California.  It discusses the role of nitrogen
and its behavior in the environment, illustrates seven best management
practices, and discusses nitrate sensitive areas in California, including
two case studies.  A study guide is included. 30 min $10

2. Drip Irrigation and Nitrogen Fertigation Management for California
Vegetable Growers

Describes the use of practical drip irrigation scheduling techniques, the
development of efficient nitrogen fertigation regimes, and the uses and
limitations of fertility and soil monitoring techniques.  This knowledge
is applied to California's cool season vegetable crops.  A 36 page
reference booklet is included.  This video won awards from Grower Magazine
and the American Horticultural Society. 22 min $10

3. Nutrient Education for Salespersons in the Nursery and Landscape

This new video is designed to help individuals selling fertilizers in the
home consumer market make correct and knowledgeable recommendations to
their customers.  It covers the basic elements of plant nutrition, proper
application, storage and disposal, and guidelines for the three plant
groups: turf; flowers, fruit and vegetables; and trees and shrubs.  A
study guide is included. 30 min $10


SACRAMENTO--The California Department of Food and Agriculture
announced the release of a new educational video entitled The Fruits
of their Labor:  Nitrogen Management in Stone Fruit and Almond
Production..  The video was produced by CDFA's Fertilizer Research
and Education Program (FREP), and is the fourth in a series designed
to help growers improve their fertilizer and water management to
increase profitability, decrease potential groundwater contamination,
and conserve water.

With close to one million acres of almonds and stone fruits in
California, growers have the opportunity to improve production
efficiencies as well as reduce ground water contamination from
nitrogen fertilizers.

The 30 minute video and the accompanying 48 page handbook was written
and produced by University of Arizona Soil and Water Specialist Tom
Doerge and Larry Klaas of Agcom International.  The video provides
the viewer with in-depth information on assessing crop nitrogen
demands and using leaf tissue monitoring to guide fertilizer program
decisions.  They address how to visually recognize nitrogen
deficiencies as well as excesses, and how an annual leaf testing
program can improve nitrogen use efficiencies and production
profitability.  Cover crops and composts are also explored.

Sample calculations, graphic illustrations and filed locations with
grower participation make th eup-to-date information understandable
and practical.

The video and handbook are available for $10 by contacting Kertrina
Anderson or Casey Walsh Cady at: FREP Rm A- 472, CDFA, 1220 N Street,
Sacramento, CA 95814.

Phone (916) 653-5340 
Fax      (916) 653-2407
E-mail: ccady@cdfa.ca.gov

Additional FREP information is available on the FREP's World Wide Web
Home Page:  www.sarep.ucdavis.edu/FREP/