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Eastern Gama Grass

Any farmers in MD, WV, VA, PA or DE interested in doing some on-farm trials
of Eastern Gama Grass on their farms in conjunction with a group of
researchers (including myself) from the USDA and the University of Maryland?

In particular, we are looking for farmers with  soil problems related to
excessive wetness, high density subsoils, or acid (aluminum toxic) subsoils.
Eastern gamma grass is a highly palatable, nutritious WARM season perennial
bunch grass that thrives under the above adverse soil conditions.  It is an
excellent candidate for intensive rotational management or hay. Would also
make good buffer strips.  We believe it might also be able to improve the
above soil conditions for succeeding  crops grown in rotation afterwards.
Drawbacks? Mainly seed that's hard to get to germinate (needs a cold
period). Needs help with weed compettion the first year.

We are putting together a proposal for funding from Fund For Rural America,
which is due at the end of this month, so if you are interested, please
reply ASAP. At this point all we need is a note describing how you would
like to try Eastern Gama Grass, and what, if any , soil problem you hope it
will overcome. I'd like to come out and take a look at the soils on your farm.

Thanks much. 

Ray R. Weil
Professor of Soil Science
Dept. of Natural Resource Sciences & LA
1103 H.J. Patterson Hall
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742

telephone: 301 405 1314
FAX:            301 314 9041
e-mail:  rw17@umail.umd.edu