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Re[2]: fertilizer value of coffee grounds

     Hadn't planned to send this to the whole list, but there seems to be 
     enough interest to warrant it.  
     The info below is NOT recent, and I don't know how accurate it is, but 
     it may serve as a starting place.  It does not mention the pH.

     An old Rodale book - Complete Book of Composting gives the 
     coffee grounds, 
     fresh - Moisture - 62.9%, Ash .5%, N 1.84%, P2O5 .03%, K2O .12% 
     composted          58%         --     1.65%       .22%      3.0%
My comments:

As always, adding high levels of uncomposted (fresh) organic matter can 
"distract" the microorganisms normally relied upon for making N available to the
vege crops.  Usually, N needs to be added to make up for the temporary shortage.
Same is true for "green" sawdust, leaves, etc.  
If adding N isn't desirable, sounds as if the person might be better off 
composting the material.  If there's enough garden area available the person 
could sheet compost in an area not to be planted this year.  Otherwise I'm 
guessing that a regular compost pile, with plans to use for late season crops or
for plants next year, might be better.
Tory Shade
University Extension-Missouri
SE Small Farm Family Program Supervisor 
Farm Management Specialist