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Re:FQPA food additives, infant child, pesticides (fwd)

Sorry for not responding earlier to your query.  The Delaney Clause DOES
still apply to food additives such as artificial color and to animal drugs.
FQPA applies only to pesticides, which under Delaney were interpreted as
"food additives" ONLY when they concentrated during processing.

I don't know if any determination has ever been made about platicizers such
as phthalates.  This discussion may come to the fore with the endocrine
disruption considerations included in FQPA and the endocrine disruption
work groups now under way at EPA.  However the latest EPA endocrine
disruption report was useless, saying basically there is enough evidence to
say that endocrine disruption by pollutants is real but not enough to act.
"More research needed..."