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Key Position Open

        SANET -- I have been asked to post a job announcement at the World
Wildlife Fund headquarters in D.C.  The WWF program is strong and has a lot
of momentum.  Please pass this around to qualified individuals with an
interest in how policy can improve environmental quality. 



*** Job Announcement ***


World Wildlife Fund (WWF), an international non-profit organization
working worldwide for the conservation of nature, seeks a Director for
Toxics Policy within its International Policy Program.  Toxics policy is an
important element of a Global Toxics Initiative that is building on and
expanding WWF's current capacity in furthering scientific understanding
of how chemicals affect wildlife and humans and in promoting policy and
field-level changes that reduce the use of hazardous substances,
particularly pesticides.  This position is located at WWF-US headquarters
in Washington, DC.

The Director for Toxics Policy will have primary responsibility for
implementing several major new and existing projects, directing policy
aspects of the Global Toxics Initiative, and developing WWF's future
work in this area. Current projects include a global effort to bring
together conservationists and public health experts to phase out the use
of DDT and to reduce overall reliance on pesticides in the control of
tropical diseases.  Projects in the planning stages include a North
American campaign on migratory birds and pesticides, to be developed
and implemented in conjunction with WWF Canada, and a global
assessment of loadings of pesticides into the environment.  The
successful candidate will work closely with a new Senior Program
Officer responsible for implementing a project to create market incentives
for adoption of ecologically-based pest management in order to help
integrate that project with others in the Global Toxics Initiative.

This position requires an advanced degree in a relevant scientific or
policy field and at least ten years of experience related to conflicts and
synergies between wildlife and humans, the use of  chemicals and/or
alternative approaches in various sectors,  or public health.  Required
expertise includes 1) designing and implementing projects or campaigns
that inform policy debates and affect policy-level change; 2) conducting
policy-relevant research; 3) writing/editing reports;  4) working with
multiple stakeholders; 5) communicating effectively with various
audiences, including the media, government agencies and foundations;
6) supervising staff and/or consultants; 7) managing a budget.  

Interested candidates should send cover letter and resume
IMMEDIATELY by mail to World Wildlife Fund, Human Resources
Department, Dept. 572 M, 1250 24th St., NW, Washington, DC 20037.


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