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farm-level measures of habitat diversity

Dear Saneters:

There have been numerous field-level studies of the effects:  1) of production
practices (e.g., tillage regime); 2) of the proximity, spatial relationship,
size/width, or species composition of untilled habitats (wood lots, pastures,
buffer strips) on the species richness or diversity of organisms found in
the croplands or orchards under study.  Typical indicator groups are nematodes,
earthworms, and macroarthropods (esp., ants, carabid beetles, etc.), although
there have been some studies with vertebrates.

Can anyone direct me to information on measures of habitat DIVERSITY applicable
at the level of farms.  I am looking for something practical--useful to and
useable by farmers and extensionists.  Note:  I am NOT looking for measures
of habitat QUALITY.

Thanks in advance for any info. or referrals.

(Note:  I did an AGRICOLA search for 92-96 and didn't come up with anything.)

Cordially, john

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