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Looking for a Better Way

I'm unhappy with the conditions and type of relationship that commercial
U.S. produce brokers and distributors insist on establishing with
Mexican exporters of perishable agricultural products and hope to pursue
the possibility of dealing with people who have a somewhat more human
approach to business and life in general, which I assume would be more
likely with produce buying co-operatives, consumers groups and perhaps
certain select chains and even brokers.  While I recognize a need to
implement consistent quality standards and technology on our end; the
relative value of the contribution made is currently inequitable, in
relation to the services rendered, the risk taken and the profit margin

At this point, I couldn't limit offerings to organically grown products,
but I have no doubt that the change will be market driven and that
growers here can provide consumers with high quality products for less
and still achieve a better (and fairer) price, by avoiding most chains
and the excessively lucrative brokers and distributors that supply them
and selling instead directly to the above mentioned groups.  Is any
Directory of Produce Buying Co-ops and Clubs available for the U.S. and
/ or Europe or Japan etc.?  And how could I identify and contact student
groups, teachers associations, senior citizens organizations, labor
unions and so on; beginning with groups or affiliates who have a
presence on the internet and who may be interested in aquiring the
infrastructure and / or experience necessary in order to participate in
a direct relationship of this type?  Any suggestions?  Thank you for
your attention.


Douglas M. Hinds, Director General
Centro para el Desarrollo Comunitario y Rural A.C. (CeDeCoR)
(Center for Community and Rural Development)
Fiesta Fresh Produce Division
Petronilo Lopez No. 73 (Street Address)
Apdo. Postal No. 61 (Mailing Address)
Cd. Guzman, Jalisco 49000 MEXICO
U.S. Fax Mailbox:  1 630 300 0555
Tel. & Fax:  011 523 413 5222 (not functioning properly)
Tel. & Fax:  011 523 412 6308 (preferred)
e-mail: dmhinds@acnet.net, cedecor@ipnet.com.mx