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Bamboo Industry Workshop (fwd)

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Date: Tue, 29 Apr 1997 18:52:39 -0700 (PDT)
From: Gib Cooper <bambugib@harborside.com>
To: Andy Clark <aclark@nal.usda.gov>
Subject: Bamboo Industry


Please pass this around USDA and AARC appropriate channels. The bamboo boom
is on. This conference is filling up fast and is looking like the focal
point for the USA bamboo industry.

Gib Cooper
PNW97 Coordinator
VP-American Bamboo Society for Public Information

Check out <www.bamboo.org/abs/> for more bamboo info.

Here is the latest brochure concerning registering:

To survey the beautiful site of the workshop point your web browser to:

1997 Pacific Northwest Bamboo Agroforestry Workshop (PNW97)
June 21-23, 1997 at Ft. Worden, Port Townsend, Washington


The workshop is based on the recognition of bamboo in Asia as a valuable
forestry resource. The world demand for bamboo may be growing faster than
supply can allow.  American interest in  bamboo production is increasing.
We are developing new ways of processing bamboo fiber into products. A
demand for fresh bamboo shoots is found nationally in Asian cuisine. In the
Pacific Northwest region we have a foundation of bamboo businesses, ample
land and water to raise bamboo for bamboo processing, poles and bamboo

The PNW97 program evolved from the following list of goals set by the 1994
Pacific Northwest Bamboo Agroforestry Workshop planning group for bamboo
applications, communications and research:
        1)      Information exchange through computer
        2)      Determination of target bamboo species for pulp, poles,
shoots, and craft  applications
        3)      Publication of the workshop proceedings
        4)      Formation of grower, cottage industry and
marketing co-ops
        5)      Development of other goals for researchers
        6)      Design of a bamboo project based on municipal
spray waste irrigation
        7)      Promotion of riparianimprovement with bamboo


Since 1994, there are new developments in the bamboo world. The PNW97
presentations address several of the new directions in the bamboo
community. These areas  include processing domestic bamboo, bamboo as
fodder, effects of and managing the flower cycles, economics, bamboo
architecture, bamboo shoot farming, agroforestry models, pole production,
bamboo as a community resource and new products.

All bamboo growers, researchers, engineers, crafters and interested persons
are invited to attend sessions. The  presentations will feature various
aspects of bamboo research,  production and application.

The Presentations:


NED JAQUITH -   Flowering of Bamboo  - Bamboo Nurseryman, President
PNC-ABS, Portland, OR

DARREL DEBOER  - Bamboo Architecture and the Possibilities   -
Architect, Berkeley, CA

SIMON VELEZ - Bamboo Architecture in Columbia - Architect, COLUMBIA

ANDY LEE    -   Laminated Bamboo Lumber (LBL), Oriented Strand Board (OSB)
Made from Bamboo, and Bamboo-Reinforced OSB Beam and Technical Data for the
Utilization of Bamboo Resources Grown in the USA During the Past Three
Years - Bamboo Researcher, Clemson University, SC.

GARY YOUNG  -  Advanced Bamboo/Epoxy Composites  -  Laminate Technician &
Researcher, HI.

TREVOR DAGILIS  -  Bamboo Particleboard  -  Civil Engineering, Queen's
University at Kingston, CANADA

Sustainable Agriculture: Research Horizons - Washington State
University-Puyallup and Lewis County Cooperative Extension

GAROLD NELSON  -  Analysis of Bamboo as Fodder - Bamboo Grower and
Stockman, Coquille, OR

DAPHNE LEWIS and SIMON HENDERSON -   Building A Bamboo Farm and Marketing
It's Products - Simon Henderson holds a Diploma in Permacultue Design from
the Permaculture Institute of Australia, Daphne Lewis is a Bamboo Landscape
Designer, Seattle, WA

TIM OGDEN - Bamboo Shoot Production - Bamboo Agroforestry Grower, Mrytle
Creek, OR.

DR. CAO QUNGEN   -   The Status, Growing and Models of Bamboo in
Agroforestry of China  -   Associate Professor in bamboo cultivation and
forest ecology, Subtropical Forestry Research Institute, CHINA

RICK VALLEY - A Polyculture for Rapid Grove Establishment - Bamboo
Grower/Permaculturist, OR.

STEPHEN BUXBAUM - Developing a Cooperative - Former Executive Director of
WA State Rural Development Council and  Executive Director of the Farm and
Community Council, WA.

MILO G. CLARK - Bamboo as a Community Resource: Bamboo as an Industrial
Commodity - Managing Director, Strategic Design, a consultancy in rural
community and development, Berkeley, CA. (Milo is the Editor of the 1997
PNW Bamboo Agroforestry Workshop Proceedings)

EMELINE NAVERA -  Establishment of a Model/Demonstration Integrated Bamboo
Propagation and Agri-Industrial Village in the Philippines - Cottage
Industry Center, Dept. of Trade & Industry, Philippines.

        Monday, June 23
             - a workshop with Simon Velez

Simon's  Sunday afternoon presentation of bamboo structures in Columbia
resumes with a personal hands-on experience.

Help build a bamboo truss.  Work joining bamboo timber.

Learn about bamboo connections. Understand bamboo pole grading systems.
Find out about using bamboo engineering standards. See how Simon uses
bamboo technology in his structures.

Space is limited. Register early.

The registration fee for the conference is $40. Additional fees for lodging
and food service are: Friday night , June 20 - $36, Saturday, June 21- $42
and Sunday, June22- $42.

The proceedings of the 1994 workshop are $18 post paid (Available now).
The proceedings of the 1997 workshop are $30 post paid (Shipped when completed).

The one night lodging  package includes meals (see reg. form). Friday night
lodging includes dinner and Saturday breakfast, Saturday  night lodging
includes lunch, dinner and Sunday breakfast,  and Sunday night lodging
includes lunch, dinner and Monday breakfast. An additional refundable
deposit of $20 for room keys. There is a cancellation fee of $35.


Historic Fort Worden State Park Conference Center has it all! Situated in
Port Townsend, the beautiful park setting has meeting facilities, dormitory
rooms, campsites and food services. Within the park's boundaries are
rhododendron gardens, woods, open space, architecture and miles of beaches.
Next door is Victorian Port Townsend with art galleries, eateries, bed &
breakfasts, museums and entertainment. Located on the Olympic Peninsula,
Ft. Worden  overlooks Puget Sound and the Strait of Juan de Fuca. Access
from Seattle is a one hour drive and a ferry ride. People coming from the
south may just drive. Commuter flights are available from Seattle. For
information about Port Townsend call the Chamber of Commerce  360/385-2722,
e-mail: ptchambr@olympus.net.

 Future announcements and current information about the workshop can be
requested by e-mail from Gib Cooper at: bambugib@harborside.com.

SCHEDULE     (Registration, presentations and tradeshow activities are held
at the chapel.)

        Friday, June 20, 1997
Friday night arrivals: lodging with dinner.  Social gathering at the
workshop hall (Ft. Worden Chapel). Registration packet and key pickup at
the chapel after 4:30 pm. Dinner at 7:30 pm.

        Saturday, June 21, 1997
  9:00  Registration packet and key pickup at the chapel.
10:00  Opening keynote address
10:30  Morning presentations: Andy Bary, Steve Fransen, Carol
Miles and Craig Cogger. Stephen Buxbaum. Ned Jaquith.
  1:00  Lunch break
 2:00-6:00  Afternoon presentations:  Dr. Cao Qungen, Rick Valley,Milo G.
Clark and Emeline Navera.
  7:00  Workshop Banquet
  7:30  Social and Music:  RARE PLANT AUCTION

                Sunday, June 22, 1997
  8:30  Coffee and Pastries
  9:00  Morning presentations: Trevor Dagilis, Andy Lee and Gary Young.
12:00  Lunch break
 1:00  Afternoon presentations: Darrel DeBoer, Simon Velez, Garold Nelson,
Simon Henderson, Daphne Lewis and Tim Ogden
  6:00  Plant Sale

        Monday, June 23
Time to Be Announced:  Post Workshop Class: "Building with Bamboo" - Simon
Velez and Darrel DeBoer
Tradeshow 1997

        The opportunity for people in the bamboo world to display and
market their products.  With regional publicity to the general public, and
numerous workshop participants, exposure will be high.
        The setting is an outdoor arrangement next to the chapel, workshop
site. The weather can be unpredictable. We suggested you bring an overhead
cover. Please, no closed wall shelters.
        To help us in our event brochure, please include with your
completed registration form a short description of  what your bamboo
business makes or does. Please inform us of any special needs you have for
your booth set up. For example: electricity, running water, tables, etc.

        Booth space for commercial companies is $50 for the 2 days.
(Non-profits are no charge)

For More Information about the Tradeshow Contact:
Marc Hilt, Site and Tradeshow Coordinator, 2760 Gibbs Lake Rd., Chimacum,
WA  98325. Tel:360/301-0499
e-mail: mmhilt@olypen.com

Plant Sale 1997

        This is your chance to buy bamboo plants for edible bamboo shoots,
timber production, fodder, erosion control, and, of course, to beautify
your landscape. There will be a good selection with reasonable prices.

For more information and essential guidelines:
Ron Kay, 2014 SE 57th Ave., Portland, OR 97215-3411. Tel: 503/234-8832

PNW97 is sponsored by Washington State University, Jefferson & Lewis County
Cooperative Extension, the American Bamboo Society, and the Pacific
Northwest, Northern and Southern California Chapters of the American Bamboo
Coordinated by:

Gib Cooper
28446 Hunter Creek Loop
Gold Beach, OR 97444
Tel & FAX: (541) 247-0835 or email: bambugib@harborside.com
Pacific Northwest Chapter of the American Bamboo Society
2nd Vice President for Public Information of the American Bamboo Society

Carol Miles,PhD.
Area Extension Agricultural Systems
WSU-Cooperative Extension
360 NW North St. MS:AES01
Chehalis, WA 98532-1900
Tel: (360) 740-1295, FAX: (360) 740-2792 or email: milesc@wsu.edu

THE GRASS ROOTS ORGANIZATION---------------------------------------------

        Design of a publication is a critical step leading to a better
product. I have been involved with publications since school days. Copy
desk work, rewriting the words of others, is probably the best training in
wordsmithing possible. I have often been responsible for every stage of
publication from writing to product. Tel. 510/526-5512, e-mail:

        Employed by City of Port Townsend Parks Department, my involvement
with bamboo sprang out of my horticultural projects for city parks. To
learn more about bamboo I became active in the bamboo society. I am very
interested in bamboo agroforestry. Elected as a director for the chapter
(PNC-ABS), I took on the responsibility of coordinating the workshop site,
tradeshow,  and hosting our bamboo friends to Port Townsend.
Tel:360/301-0499,e-mail: mmhilt@olypen.com

        I love kayaking but bamboo is a passion. I have managed the PNC-ABS
plant sales for several years. I am volunteering my experience to promote
bamboo agroforestry as plant sale coordinator. Tel: 503/234-8832

        As a longtime bamboo nurseryman, I have had the opportunity to make
worldwide bamboo friends. I hope my role in the agroforestry workshop helps
to make your visit memorable.Tel: 503/231-7322, e-mail: bamboo@pcez.com

        I help farmers in our region to learn about and to develop new
vegetable crops. In one of our educational programs we featured edible
bamboo shoot farming. Through this and interest from members of the PNC-ABS
and research staff at WSU, I became involved in the workshop and the
sustainable production of bamboo for food and fiber. Tel: 360/740-1295,
e-mail: milesc@wsu.edu

        After fifteen years as a bamboo grower, I began the bamboo
agroforestry workshop in 1994 to fill the need for regional bamboo industry
development. The workshop is designed to share bamboo experiences, to focus
research and to educate the public about bamboo as a community and
industrial resource. I am volunteering my time with the other organizers to
see the workshop become the national forum on bamboo agroforestry. Tel:
541/247-0835, e-mail: bambugib@harborside.com

Future information about the workshop can be found at the web site below:

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1997 Pacific Northwest Bamboo Agroforestry Workshop Registration Form

Early Registration Deadline April 15 --
Space Available Basis --

        (Note: Registrations need to be accompanied by a check for the
total. ONLY PREPAID registrations are accepted as as reservations.
Reservations are on a first come first serve basis.)

Family Name: ___________________________

First Name:________________Title:_______         Date:_______

Organization: __________________________________________
Vegetarian meals?:yes ___no____

Address:  ________________________________

City, State &

Phone: __________________________Fax: ___________________________

Registration for the 1997 PNW Bamboo Agroforestry Workshop:$40
                                How many?______TOTAL:______________

Lodging for Friday night:  $36          How many______     TOTAL:____________
Lodging for Saturday night:  $42        How many______     TOTAL:____________
Lodging for Sunday night:  $42  How many_______            TOTAL:____________
(Note: camping is $15 per night with $20 for meal ticket. Register by 4/15
Registration for Trade show Booth :$50_____________
-- (please include information)
Simon Velez & Darrel DeBoer's Building with Bamboo workshop:$50 How many______
1994 proceedings (Available now):  $18______________________

1997 proceedings  (When ready):  $30______________________

                              TOTAL OF ALL THE ABOVE :_________________________
Return to:  PNW Bamboo Workshop Coordinator, 28446 Hunter Creek Loop, Gold
Beach, OR 97444  USA
Other comments?______________________________________________________________
QUESTIONS?   Call Gib Cooper at 541/247-0835

Gib Cooper
28446 Hunter Creek Loop
Gold Beach, OR 97444
Tel & FAX: 541/247-0835