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economics or politics?

On Thu, 1 May 1997, Bob MacGregor wrote:

> Ann said:
> What will convince 
> people, I believe, is not the holism or ecological soundness of 
> alternative approaches, but rather, their cost-effectiveness. 
> >>
> I say "Amen" to that comment!   Under the current structure of production
> and marketing, whoever supplies the marketplace with the cheapest
> product of acceptable quality wins.

> My bet is that the strawberry
> growers will find some other way to fill the supermarket shelves with
> berries after methyl bromide is finally scrapped.  The point is that there is
> a myriad of alternatives -- including a lot of cost-saving ones -- out there
> waiting to be found and put into use.

But wouldn't the scrapping of mythl bromide be more of a political
decision and less to do with economics? Some how leaving too much to the
economic imperative is just too risky to me. . .there seems to be other
complementary and equally powerful paths to chucking the chemical habit. .

Mike Goodman
University of Oregon
Geography Department