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PANUPS: Resource Pointer #125

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Resource Pointer #125

May 1, 1997

For copies of the following resources, please contact 
the appropriate publishers or organizations directly.


*Partners in Production: How to Work With Pollinators to 
Improve Your Harvest, 1997.* Forgotten Pollinators 
Campaign. Discusses ways to create pollinator-friendly 
environment for improving crop yields and describes 
threats to pollinators from pesticides. Provides 
guidelines for minimizing negative effects of pesticides 
on pollinators. 7 pp. For cost/ordering information, 
contact Forgotten-Pollinators Campaign, Arizona-Sonora 
Desert Museum, 2021 N. Kinney Rd., Tucson, AZ 85743; 
phone (520)883-3006; fax (520) 883-2500; email 

*Handbook of Successful Ecological Lawn Care, 1996.* 
Paul Sachs. Describes least toxic practices for growing 
and maintaining turf grasses, including methods for 
building soil and controlling pests. Focuses on helping 
lawn-care professionals develop skills and build 
business, and features chapters on marketing, business 
plans and accounting. 284 pp. US$18.95 plus $1.50 
shipping. The Edaphic Press, P.O. Box 107, Newbury, VT 
05051; phone (802) 222-4277; fax (802) 222-9661.

*Industrial Agriculture: Counting the Costs, 1996.* The 
Soil Association. Examines health and environmental 
costs of conventional agriculture, especially in the UK. 
Discusses costs associated with managing pesticide and 
fertilizer contamination of drinking water, soil erosion 
and farm wastes. 8 pp. For cost/ordering information, 
contact The Soil Association, 86 Colston St, Bristol, 
BS1 5BB, England; phone (44-117) 929-0661; fax (44-117) 
925-2504; email soilassoc@gn.apc.org.

*Using Pesticides: A Complete Guide to Safe, Effective 
Spraying, 1996.* British Crop Protection Council. 
Provides information about British pesticide regulations 
and pesticide labels, as well as general information 
about pesticide application, transportation, disposal 
and safety. Focuses on information useful to pesticide 
applicators. 155 pp. US$28/UK$17. BCPC Publications, 
Bear Farm, Binfield, Brackwell, Berkshire RG42 5QE, UK; 
phone (44-118) 934-2727; fax (44-118) 934-1998.

*Aerial Pesticide Drift Management, 1996.* Oklahoma 
Cooperative Extension Service. Video and manual. 
Describes and illustrates spraying practices designed to 
reduce pesticide drift and discusses factors 
contributing to drift. Provides specific technical 
information for how to change application equipment. 19 
pp. Manual -- US$5; 30 minute video -- US$18. Extension 
Agricultural Engineering, Biosystems and Agricultural 
Engineering, 227 Ag Hall, Stillwater, OK 74078; phone 
(405) 744-5427; fax (405) 744-6059.

**CORRECTION: Resource Pointer 123 gave the wrong URL 
for Reducing Your Risk: A Guide to Avoiding Hormone 
Disrupting Chemicals, 1997. The entire report is 
available online at http://www.wwfcanada.org/reduce-

We encourage those interested in having resources listed 
in the Online Resource Pointer to send review copies of 
publications, videos or other sources to our office 
(address listed below) or to contact Information Program 
Associate Adam Kirshner for further information.  

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