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Buckwheat in desert climes?

    I need information on growing Buckwheat for feed seed. I have a contract for this year for up to a ton(US) and have crops in the ground.
    What I need is info on water requirements, timing of water, when to stop watering to force seed head formation, and harvesting info.
    We are at 4000 feet, hot, dry summers (95-120 F, July-September), overhead sprinkler irrigated, sandy soil augmented with composted steer manure at 30% manure/soil at planting. Water is deep well with some lime in soultion. Destructive insects are few and mostly dormant in summer. Farm is chemical free and no/low till. Ground has not been worked for approximately 20 years. Sage brush was cleared by close cutting and most roots were left in field.
Any advice/tips will be greatly appreciated.

ec Roberts
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