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Re: culture, science and decisions


Thanks for your insights,

I agree with the fact that science is like a religion some degree and if
you have read any of Sheldon Krimsksy's work, you will see interesting
patterns in the true bias that shows up in research based on funding
related to findings.

The point I was really hoping to get at with my last posting really
concerns the occurence like what is happening with the EU and EC and the
the Codex Alimetarius regarding the acceptance of BST as being safe. US
interests using sound science as a mantra have pushed BST on Europe, but
they have staunchly refused allowing it to be legalized until 1999,
December 31, (although the Codex had a vote, 2nd or 3rd time in
history- Codex being 35 years old-usually matter like this are settled by
consensus) Thus I was interested in what makes the European's more
precautionary. Any insights?

Teige Davidson
Graduate Student
Tufts University
School of Nutrition Science & Policy
Agriculture, Food & Environment Program
Medford, Massachusetts