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Re: unsubscribe


You wrote:

>unsubscribe  herbdocI@aol.com
>this is my fourth try

These are the instructions I received from the administrator for sanet-mg:

>>To unsubscribe from sanet-mg, send the following command to
>>       unsubscribe sanet-mg

The key things said and unsaid in these instructions are:

the To: part of your message is different than where your reply goes to on
the sanet-mg list. Look closely above. You must send to



so you cannot use the reply button on your computer.

Other errors people make are putting something in the
box. It must be left BLANK for the computer to unsubscribe you.

All that should go in the body of the letter is the message stated above:

unsubscribe sanet-mg

AND be sure your automatic signature is turned off!

Then, it has been my experience, as long as you are sending the unsubscribe
message from the same computer address from which you subscribed
originally, you should be successfully unsubscribed.

This seems to cover most of the problems I have noticed people having with

Good luck, and happy new adventures,

Sheryl N. Swink
Graduate Student

Cornell International Institute for
Food, Agriculture and Development
Box 14 Kennedy Hall
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853

e-mail: sns7@cornell.edu