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Re: European caution

Thought I would add my own small insights into this issue.  My family is
English and my husbands' family is German, and over the years we have spent
much of our vacation time in those two countries.  In England and Germany
there are many public paths which bisect all parts of the country, through
fields, pastures, along streams, rivers and canals.  And people from towns
and cities actually walk these paths on the weekends - it's like a national
past time.

This brings urban folk into direct contact with rural areas on a regular
basis.  Rural areas are seen as working "parks" and recreation areas by
urbanites, and all have a vested interest in seeing that rural areas are
kept rural.  I hate to overgeneralize, but this has been my experience.  Of
course there are many other issues but this may be one small piece in the

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