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Re: seeds (fwd)

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Date: Wed, 14 May 1997 09:01:17 -0700
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Subject: Re: seeds, Hemp, paper etc.

1DAYSTAR@worldnet.att.net wrote:
> Jamil Brownson wrote:
> >
> > re: chris & michelle's discussion on seed cops (not crops, but cops). .
> > . . seeds of life, where it all comes from in plant and animal
> > reproduction--or at least seed-like propagation covers many such
> > species, including ours, in our discourse of biology.
> >
> > Perhaps non geneticlly engineered biology will be the radical and
> > revolutionary playing ground in the next century.... Ok, ok, so i'm hanging out on the edge of this discussion, butthis is
> > probably one of the most frightening and potentially horrendous
> > realities facing us, genetic alteration of life forms and parts and
> > ownership of genomes and policing of natural life...
> > am i freaking out over nothing, or are some others concerned as well.
>         Someone who has been concerned for years is an Indian woman Vandana
> Shiva, a professor of Environmental Studies. Her particular concern is
> biodiversity, the variety of earth's plant and anmimal life. Dr. Shiva
> has been spreading the word about international agreements allowing
> organizations to patent (and have exclusive access to) plants, seeds &
> other natural resources not previously considered as property. This
> pirates indigenous people's rights to use thier own natural resources,
> many of which have been carefully preserved by generations of women.
> This connection between environmentalism and women is Dr. Shiva's
> particular contribution to the environmental movement. Shiva holds a
> Master's Degree in particle physics and a Ph.D in the Philosophy of
> Science and is the author of 11 books.
>         One book, "The Violence of the Green Revolution:Third World
> Agriculture, Ecology and Politics," has a chapter "Miracle seeds and the
> destruction of genetic diversity." that addresses many of the topics
> that have recently come up in this list.