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Follow-up to On-Farm Research Question

Several weeks ago I posted a question about information on how to conduct
on-farm research.  Thank you to everyone who responded.  I appreciate all
the information.  Here's what I found out (listed in no particular order).


Dave Chaney
Education Coordinator

Hildebrand, P.E. and J.T. Russell.  1996.  Adaptability analysis:  A 
method for the design, analysis and interpretation of on-farm 
research-extension.  Iowa State University Press, Ames IA.

Janke, Rhonda, Dick Thompson, Ken McNamara, Craig Cramer.  1990.  A Farmer's
Guide to On-Farm Research.  Rodale Institute, Emmaus, PA.

Doing your own research.  1986.  pp.44-45 in The Farmer's Fertilizer
Handbook.  Regenerative Agriculture Association, Emmaus, PA.

Anderson, Dan.  On-Farm Research Guidebook.  Department of Agricultural
Economics, University of Illinois, Urbana.
Contact Dan Anderson at 217-333-1588 or aslan@uiuc.edu

Exner, Rick and Richard Thompson.  1992.  The Paired-Comparison:  A God
Design for Farmer-Managed Trials.  Iowa State University Extension.
Contact Rick at dnexner@iastate.edu

Rzewnicki, Phil E., Richard Thompson, Gary W. Lesoing, Roger Elmore, Charles
Francis, Anne Parkhurst and Russell Moomaw.  1988.  On-farm experiment
designs and implications for locating research sites.  American Journal of
Alternative Agriculture 3(4):168-173.

Miller, Baird, Ed Adams, Paul Peterson and Russ Karow.  On-Farm Testing:  A
Grower's Guide.  Washington State University, Pullman. (May also want to get 
"Using an On-Farm Test for Variety Selection.")
Web site http://drycrops.wsu.edu/crop_management/testing.html

AGSTATS.  A statistics program for simple field trials written for IBM
compatible computers.  Send disk and postage return mailer, or check for
$5.00 made out to Oregon State University, addressed to Russ Karow, Crop
Science Building 131, OSU, Corvallis, OR  97331.  

Peterson, R. G. 1994. Agricultural Field Experiments: Design and Analysis.
Marcel Dekker, Inc., 270 Madison Avenue, New York, NY., 409 pp.

Anton Doroszenko at CAB International (a.doroszenko@cabi.org) also did a
search for me and sent the following results.

Nabasa, J.\ Rutwara, G.\ Walker, F.\ Were, C. (1995) Participatory rural 
appraisal: practical experiences. Chatham, UK; Natural Resources Institute 
(NRI) iv + 52 pp. ISBN 0-85954-392-7

Petersen, R. G. (1994) Agricultural field experiments: design and analysis. 
New York, USA; Marcel Dekker Inc. x + 409 pp. ISBN 0-8247-8912-1

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textbook. Wageningen, Netherlands; International Centre for Development 
Oriented Research in Agriculture (ICRA)  xxv + 291pp. ISBN 90-73041-16-3

Tripp, R.\ Woolley, J. (1989) Planning stage of on-farm research: 
identifying factors for experimentation. Mexico City, Mexico; CIMMYT. 85 pp. 
ISBN 968-6127-02-X

Nordblom, T. L.\ Ahmed, A. K. H.\ Polts, G. R. (Editors) (1985) Research 
methodology for livestock on-farm trials. Proceedings of a workshop held at 
Aleppo, Syria, 25-28 March 1985. Ottawa, Canada; International Development 
Research Centre. 313 + 42pp. ISBN 0-88936-446-X

Hildebrand, P. E.\ Poey, F. (1985) On-form agronomic trials in farming 
systems research and extension. Boulder, Colorado, USA; Lynne Rienner 
Publishers, Inc. 162 pp. ISBN 0-931477-11-5