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NJ farm tour request

Hi sanet,
I am a member of an interdisciplinary resource team within USDA Natural
Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) that works with developing and
transferring technology for solutions to regional natural resource
problems in the Mid-Atlantic states.  My duties include providing
sustainable agriculture training to our field staff.  I am coordinating a two
day workshop with the potential dates of Oct. 20-21, 1997 to be held in
Trenton NJ for NRCS field staff.  I would like to have the second day of
the workshop be tours of farms that are implementing sustainable
agriculture techniques.  I am putting out a request to any farmers in New
Jersey that would be open to hosting a tour.  It would consist of 40
participants, on one bus probably.  I look forward to the responses.
Janet Sioma, Ecological Agronomist
USDA-NRCS Beltsville MD