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National Consultations on Food Security

For Your Information - here is an opportunity to get your nickle's worth 
of input into the discussion.  There will be 21 locations for 
participation on May 21.  Note the Web Site in the announcement for the 
location nearest you.
National Consultations on Food Security
Doing More to Achieve Food Security at Home and Abroad
May 21, 1997
9 a.m. - 4:40 p.m.
Washington, DC and Other Sites Around the Country
The World Food Summit, held in Rome last November, focused the worlds 
attention on 
the continuing problem of global food insecurity.  The Summit is proving 
to be a catalyst 
for refocusing dialogue, recognizing and building on existing efforts to 
achieve food 
security, and identifying priorities for continued, concerted efforts.
The nations of the world adopted seven commitments as part of the World 
Food Summit 
Plan of Action.  The objective of these commitments is to achieve the 
Summits goal of 
reducing by half the number of undernourished people by no later than the 
year 2015.
The U.S. Government and representative non-governmental organizations 
will hold 
consultations on May 21, 1997, at sites around the country to formulate a 
U.S. Action 
Plan on Food Security.  The U.S. Action Plan will identify the 
priorities, actions, and 
commitments to be undertaken collaboratively by the U.S. Government and 
groups and 
sectors within the United States to achieve greater food security at home 
and abroad.
 -- Build on current food security efforts at the international, 
national, state, and local 
 -- Broaden the involvement of civil society in follow-up to the World 
Food Summit; and
 -- Provide an opportunity for participants to review and respond to the 
Food Summit Plan 
of Action as it relates to their work
 -- Generate recommendations for priorities, activities, programs, and 
policies to be 
included in the U.S. Action Plan on Food Security;
 -- Develop ideas for promoting future dialog on issues where consensus 
for concerted 
action is insufficient;
 -- Strengthen collaboration and identify possibilities for local 
follow-up; and
 -- Identify resources needed to support on-going food security activities.
Government and non-government individuals engaged in food security issues 
are targeted, 
but interested members of the public are also welcome.
The results of the consultations will be reported and discussed at a 
meeting in Washington, 
DC on June 5 and will be used to develop a draft outline for the U.S. 
Action Plan.  
Rapporteurs from each site will travel to Washington to participate in 
this meeting.
Additional information about the national consultations and their results 
will be added on a 
regular basis to the U.S. governments World Food Summit Home Page at:
Questions may be addressed to:
Office of the National Food Security Coordinator
USDA/Foreign Agricultural Service
Room 3008-South Building
Stop Code 1081
Washington, DC 20250-1081