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Re: poison ivy

Karen:  I saw the most amazing thing when visiting an agricultural 
convent in Connecticut last month.  They are using pigs, surrounded 
by flexinet electric fencing, to rip up and destroy the root remnants 
of bushes/shrubs/trees along the edge of a pasture, preparatory to 
replanting.  They have 3 pigs in the pen, which is moved at regular 
intervals to cover the whole length of the pasture, and their effect 
on ground cover is nothing less than amazing.  Everything is 
completely ripped up, leaving churned earth looking like an 
industrial strength rototiller gone crazy.  And it doesn't take long. 
If you are willing to reseed, and if you can borrow some young pigs 
for a few weeks, you could consider this option.  One of the species 
they are destroying is poison ivy.  Ann

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