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Sustainable landscape

Hi Victoria,

My personal vision for sustainability is a countryside filled with 
small working homesteads/farmsteads, where families raise their own 
food and, depending upon the holistic goals of that family/farm, 
excess for the local market.

I would like to see a grassbased, land stewardship concept as part of 
a local rural planning vision. Every homestead would have a cash 
"crop", whether that be crafts, market gardens, meat production, etc. 
Emphasis would be on quality of life and family. All of our homesteads 
and "cottage" industries would be link by the Internet. Homeschooling 
of our children would be the norm, as well as intergenerational 
families living in harmony.

The rural landscape would be a rural park for those who live in larger 
communities to enjoy and interact with the locals and bring in outside 

I envision a renewable energy emphasis perhaps with combinations of 
solar, wind, water and geo-thermal. People building their own homes 
and homesteads. 

I also believe that the 3 Rs (reuse, recycle, reduce) would be an 
integral part of launching a new life after the demise of the 
industrial era (which, I believe, we are currently in the death throes 


Bev Sandlin
Mustang Creek Homestead

Mustang Creek Homestead is a working homestead built on the 3 Rs. As a 
divorced woman with 2 small children (then 2 & 3), we bought barren 
land, built a home, and paid for the place in 4-1/2 yrs. We raise most 
of our food. It has always been my dream to homestead. We are now 13 
years into the project. I now have a B.A. and my two children, Michael 
and Montana, are wonderful kids. It can be done!