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Infomation of Ag. in Prisons


I am a participant at the Institute of Social Studies in The Hague, 
The Netherlands, attending a post graduate diploma course in Rural 
Policy and Project Planning. I am writing a research paper on the 
impact of changing agricultural policies and expanding opportunities 
for the Songwe prison farm in Tanzania. In particular I am interested 
in exploring the potential role of agriculture in prisoner reform and 
rehabilitation. I would like to locate references and additional 
information on the reform aspect of agriculture in prison systems.

Kindly, send any information your can to my e-mail address:       


Dr. Brent M. Simpson
Institute of Social Studies
PO Box 29776
2502LT The Hague, The Netherlands

email simpson@iss.nl
Tel. (31) 70 4 260 460
Fax  (31) 70 4 260 799