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Re: poison ivy


Were those working pigs atthe Abbey of Regina Laudis in Bethlehem?  

I've used pigs for years to create new vegetable growing ground in a long term
process (2-3 years). Pigs are especially good at eliminating quack grass.  By
adding lots of leaves for bedding and food wastes/weeds, the pigs build up and
mix in a lot of organic matter.  Then time and cover crops complete the process
once the pigs are removed after several months.  We're not so high tech as the
nuns.  We use recycled pallets, hay string and slabs from a local sawmill to
make the pens, which are moved as needed (depending on the size and number of

Over the past decade or so, a few pigs every year have helped us create some
wonderful growing areas without any mechanized tillage equipment.

Bill Duesing