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What's on the corporate menu

Howdy, all--

Taking a quick moment out of final plans for the AFHVS/ASFS
conference (gaaaaaack!)  (but can't wait to see you who are coming!)
to send you a note I've been meaning to send for over a week.

The May 26-June 8 issue of /In These Times/ has as its cover story:  
"What's on the corporate menu?"  

Stories include mad pig disease, overfishing, exploitation of
Central American produce workers, "the end of the family dairy
farm," and USDA bias against black farmers.  

ITT is a highly progressive/populist news magazine published in
Chicago.  They've done exemplary investigative reporting for as long
as I've read them (since the mid 70s).  And while they take a 
realistic, sometimes bleak look at the economic and social conditions 
of our time, they always point to grass-roots efforts to improve 
things.  Empowerment.

I was also interested to see an ad for Osha Gray Davidson's /Broken 
Heartland:  The Rise of America's Rural Ghetto/ (new edition, U of IA 

FY general I.

Michele Gale-Sinex, communications manager
Center for Integrated Ag Systems 
UW-Madison College of Ag and Life Sciences
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In the towers of steel, belief goes on
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